Elrond – EGLD Coin

⚡Probably the best Egld-Mex 🌾farming strategy on the Maiar Exchange⚡

I try to present in this material, as simple as possible, with video support and very clearly explained, the Egold-Mex farming strategy from Maiar Exchange that I decided to adopt. Lots of other useful tutorials are waiting for you on this channel to discover them, which are ready to familiarize you with the Elrond ecosystem, the main application and how they work. Congratulations on following this material and I’m glad you’re part of the Elrond community.
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  1. Thank you for being there when I wanted you to. I was so lost in this new world that I was hassled to start with. You not only guide me along the way but you showed me the proper way. Whatever little I have been able to achieve in life is because of you today. I want to thank you for being there showing me the proper way of doing things. For me, you are the best quide as you truly showed me the way to life. Once again, I would like to tell you a hearthfelt thanks for being there….

  2. Your transactions are a little bite slow because your wallet address is on shard 0 or shard 2. And all contracts of Maiar Exchange are in shard 1. And any interaction between shards is needed to be processed by Metachain, that way some users have slow transaction then others.
    But with the future upgrade of intershards transaction, this will not be a issue anymore.

    Nice tutorial, keep doing.

  3. What a great video! To clarify, I can harvest my locked MEX rewards, withdraw the equivalent EGLD-MEX LP to match the locked MEX, then re-farm this pair? How do I calculate the correct amount of LP to withdraw? Thanks

  4. THanks! Amazing. I have a question: How often is profitable to repeat all these steps(in terms of fees)? I know I need to do this to replace all the EGLD-MEX LPs with EGLD-LKMEX LPs. But what should be the minimum amount of dollars should I have in LKMEX in order to do the withdrawals again from both mex farm and egldMex farm?

  5. You are very confusing, saying that you withdraw mex and cliking on Harvest, Wtf ?

  6. pls help:
    1- (reinvest all) is only available at (mex) or its next to (mex) only, not next to (egld-mex) so if i press re invest all will it work for (egld-mex) so next to egld-mex only: harvest all – stake – harvest- withdraw) there is no re invest!!!!
    2- what does (LP) mean!!! There is only mex and egld and usdc so why after i stacked my mex and egld it showed me (my staked LP) not my staked (egld-mex)?
    3- what is the difference between harvest all and harvest?

  7. Sorry, but I can’t understand why you had to remove LP token from farm. I saw the video 3 times and still don’t get it. What’s to win?

  8. Hey! Thank you for the video! I am new to crypto, can you please tell me how to calculate the LP value? Or where can I find it? I am totally lost! Thank you for the reply!

  9. 10.000% APY on an infinite token supply.. 5.000.000 MAIAR every block… this is worst than Dogecoin…

  10. is not easier put 33% of LP producing LKMEX and 66% producing MEX?

  11. Great video , thanks! help me if I understood correctly please . So the point is to get the Egld back . I did that , but the new LKMEX (resulted from egld + LKMEX) will be locked for 2 years from now ?

  12. This feels like it’s to good to be true?? Will it last forever this way?? Is this really possible? Hope so… Easily generate passive income 100 dollars a day with a 4k investment or so.?

  13. I just dont understand the part if you lock your EGLD/MEX for a year, arent you wont loose rewards taking them out earlier?????

  14. Someon can explain me why the Mex price is up 3,7% on coinmarketcap (even 10% in the last 3 hours) and the Mex price on the maiar exchange keeps dropping already all day??
    My total total amount is down more than 10% in 1 day! Is there some manipulation out there? Everybody ends soon with nothing but the company gets all the profits?? Please someone explain that to me

  15. How long you have to let locked EGLD/MEX farm? Is it a minimum perioud of time or you can unlocked them on a cost? Thank you!

  16. Great (and very interesting) video. Here’s my question:

    Let’s say I have $500 work of LKMEX rewards. In this case I have to take out the equivalent of $500 from the LP token from the farm, correct?
    I do that, split it up into EGLD/MEX. Then I exchange the MEX to EGLD and pair it with LKMEX. What happens with the leftover LKMEX from the rewards? Do you leave it unstaked until you pare it with other egold?

    Also, what do you do with the EGLD from the LP you split? Do you stake it on the Maiar app?

    Sorry for all the questions. I just want to make sure I properly understand the method you’re explaining here

  17. The values of the rewards have just changed. This strategy doesn’t work anymore.