🌱SeedSwap.IO – Crypto Social Media Platform + NFT Marketplace + Yield Farming Staking + $SNFT Token

1SeedSwap.IO – Crypto Social Media Platform + NFT Marketplace + Yield Farming & Staking + $SNFT Token+ How to sign up!!
SeedSwap is the world’s first Ethereum blockchain based social media platform. A place for artists, creators, and crypto to come together, it combines the transparency and security of DeFi with the intuitive and user-friendly features of social media.
In this video, We go through an overview of SeedSwap.IO , guide you guys step by step with signing up with Metamask, talk about Seedswap.IO’s native token $SNFT and also the developers behind the project.

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Website: https://seedswap.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeedSwapDeFi
Telegram: https://t.me/SeedSwapOfficial
Medium: https://seedswap.medium.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seedswapdefi/

🌱Buy $SNFT Token here🌱

0:00 Intro of SeedSwap.IO
0:48 SeedSwap Farming System Overview
1:15 NFT Marketplace Overview
2:07 SeedSwap Social Overview
2:26 Register for Metamask Mobile
3:06 Connecting Seedswap to Metamask
3:56 SeedSwap Social Features
5:45 Meet the SeedSwap Team
8:07 Summary

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  1. Very interesting NFT Crypto Social Media platform here, The future of the NFT scene is gonna be epic🔥

  2. Do not Store your Metamask seed phrase in your computers, write it down on a piece of paper instead!

  3. Think of SeedSwap Social as your Instagram or Facebook for the Crypto NFT space🔥

  4. Wtf is this how many those platfroms are in atm and coming soon damn… 2many games 2many platforms 2hard to pick some..