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0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

00:10 Might be best to finance our next property with little down and invest a large chunk into BTC. Do you concur?

02:00 You’re a supporter of decentralization and strong supporter of BTC & ETH but one the other hand you’re supporting Solana which is centralized (strong centralized FTX exchange). I hear mixed comments regarding this topic of staying true to the decentralized ethos and would like to hear your thoughts.

04:00 My average price for SOL is $39. Do you foresee it going over $200 again this bull market? Should I add to my bag at this price considering how low my average price is?

06:00 I want to allocate 20K into Sol. Is the current price of $190 a bit high?

07:00 Now that SOL is a valuable asset in portfolios, we want to take it off the exchanges to cold storage. Normally we use Ledger Nano S and wonder if extensions for SOL are safe enough? Or should we consider metamask?

08:00 With coinbase possibly getting sued/investigated by SEC, do you think it would be wise to clear any crypto sitting on the Coinbase exchanges.

09:00 I’m going to start buying crypto for my daughter (1 years old, looking very long term). Should I just buy BTC or ETH or should I just buy stable coin (Eg USDC)? I will be staking it to earn passive income as well.

11:00 I am a tiny shrimp with just under 20k that started at 1500 in January. My largest bags are Sol, Eth, BTC. I also hold some Dot at a 38 dca: wonder if I should cut my loss and swap it out.

13:00 Single mom with total income $8.5k/yr due to time in and out of hospital watching over son. $0 debt. $11k saved and invested as follows:
– 3 shares Coinbase (cost average $325 oops!)
– 0.10 BTC (bought at 29k)
– 1.71 ETH (average cost $2,500)
– 47 LINK (average cost $36)
Didn’t have $ to invest in SOL at the time. Another $2k on the way, how should I invest going forward?

16:00 I assume you saw Cathie sold a sizable chunk of Tesla yesterday via three separate funds. As somebody waiting to get in on Tesla, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You and Cathie are not always on the same page.

18:00 Your Contributions, Our Donations


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  1. I’m deeply touched by James’ love for his animal adoptions; money is one thing, but what you do with it is something else and he’s clearly doing something very important and worthwhile with the superchats.

  2. If everyone was as kind and caring to animals as you are James, the world would be a much better place. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. Very disappointed in Georges conduct. Thank you for selflessly and unapologetically being you James. Cheers from Southern California!

  4. My support is same.i feel what animals feel when time is called upon them however that is ..more so when it’s unjust

  5. James ur a blessing for everyone..hopefully people can feel at some point in thur life ..a kind and caring heart for all living things ..I respect u as a man of inner wealth ..God bless you james

  6. Ur a stronger man than me…I couldn’t continue with what u had to deal with ..

  7. One issue with Solana is that you have to develop dApps from scratch. This puts it at a disadvantage vs. chains that use a modified version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine such as Binance, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, etc. Binance, Avalanche, Polygon and Fantom can develop dApps and Dexes from Ethereum much more easily. So TVL can be built up rather quickly in those chains whereas Solana has to build participants that bring TVL much slower given that the programing language is quite different from Ethereum Virtual Machine based chains.

  8. big hugs james….you held it together so well but i still cried. Your empathy for booboo losing his friend as well as your own feelings of loss is a sad but beautiful thing. halloween always makes me cry now anyway as lost my father in a car crash on halloween 13 years ago (2 days before he was to retire to thailand with me)- was my favorite holiday before that :( love and caring hurts – its the price we pay for the joy of having these people and animals in our lives.

  9. Totally rocked the Wolverine costume! He’s been my favorite X-Man since ’82!

  10. OH honey, you poor thing! I just got to the part about Winston and my heart hurts for you, BIG virtual hugs!! I know you want to save every last one of them, which is so admirable, but no one can and it hurts so much when we lose one of our animal friends. I’m so sorry 😥

  11. do you ever share some of your spreadsheet with formulas? example would be the exit strategy with Polkadot that you shared in this video. thank you in advance! Great videos by the way, keep up the excellent work!

  12. We love you and appreciate your trust in us to just be real. You don’t have to hide those emotions with us! We’re in it with you.

  13. Wonderful – as a single mom working within similar parameters I really appreciate that model.

  14. hey James, youre really a good person. With money you have no emotion but for animals/humans you are very caring. unlike most of the people today that have no emotion for animals/humans but are very caring/interested on money/material things. How I wish there will be more people like you.

  15. James.
    Very moved with the situation presented and I am very sorry. Personally, I tell you that everything you do is incredible, not only for the animals for your family and all of us who follow you day by day. You are a privileged person and you are sharing all that. You will always be rewarded with more. Go ahead, we are with you.

  16. The problem with real estate right now is that you won’t get the property you want offering minimum down payment. Everyone is snatching properties in hot markets making full cash payments out bidding the competition. This is what happened to me.

  17. Just watched this after being busy the last couple of days. All I can say is wow, James. Deeply touched by your love and compassion for animals. So much respect and appreciation for the person you are. I feel lucky to have found this channel. So so awesome! ✊🏽

  18. James is the man. Love this channel! Superb presentation, well explained and timed :)
    **Question: What is James’ thoughts on MINA Protocol and its future growth??**

  19. Love this channel and the math that James puts into it. I have a question; I recently refinanced my home to 15 years at 2.25%. Before I had it at 30 years at 4%. My friend is an investor and told me I made a huge mistake because I could have used that extra cash. What are your thoughts on this? Should I refinance again to 30 years?
    Thanks for all you do!

  20. Hello James, thanks for the good work.
    I’ll like to know your thought on worldcoin.

  21. until you’ve had a relationship with an animal you’ll never experience the concept of unconditional love. Animals are so much more real and true than humans.

  22. James you’re a hero in my eyes! Always stay true to yourself brother!

  23. related to the SOL question…you can do better buying winners, even on the way up, then buying a dog with fleas that looks cheap

  24. You touched my heart so deep. I feel the same when it comes to animals, I cried too..with you

  25. Can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your content and how you deliver it.

  26. James 🥺🤧 I felt that passion you have for the animals. That’s a beautiful thing & you’re a beautiful soul.

  27. James, I have a whole new level of respect for you. Sorry for your heartbreak and thank you for your hard work.

  28. 6:26 ALSO, when you look at de-centralization…. on second thought, not I don’t think I will…
    10:42 Never leave more than $250k of crypto in a single exchange

  29. Can anyone help. On the DOT exit strategy, how do you work out the last 2 columns? Profit and Oppry cost of selling. I want to map out an exit for my DOT and SOL.

  30. If I trade btc for eth on coinbase pro the fee is supposed to be X 0.005 let say this equates to a 2gbp fee but my portfolio value dropped by 20gbp not 2gbp when I did the trade. How does this happen ?

  31. Hey James! I was wondering your opinion on the Ellipal Titan hardware wallet. You never covered it in your wallet guide video!

  32. We currently have Ada at $2 and Solana at $250 – I hold twice as much ADA than Solana – is it too late in your view to sell say 50% of my ADA and use the proceeds to purchase Solana – bearing in mind I am unable to add more money into my portfolio?

  33. Watching this a few days later – Elon decided to do a Twitter poll on Twitter, asking if he should sell 10% of his stock in Tesla. Everyone said yes.

    So he’s going to sell it at a high lol and Twitter warriors are going to be the cause.

  34. Dude, you called the dip at 55k and you made a financial model for a single mom. And you donate to animal charities. You have my support.

  35. As a straight man, I’m the first to admit I have a massive man-crush on James. Him getting emotional over the adopted animals just makes me like him even more.

  36. Hi James,
    Your insights are invaluable. I found you after your interview with Dave Lee. I can now see how blindly I was allocating my capital in the crypto space. I placed money in ADA after seeing Charles’ interview with Dave Lee. Like you I was charmed by his vision and approach. After being made aware of whales dumping and lack of execution as well as seeing what the value of the market they are addressing is in Africa. I swallowed my pride. Took the hit sold and backed some faster horses. I’m grateful and so much more confident with my knowledge, strategy and portfolio.

  37. Never Leave more than $250k on an eXchange!!! – I`ll be sure to bear that in mind WHEN we get my £20k growing that big Hahaha