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🏆CAKE MONSTER – Meme with Solid Team? $MONSTA – POTENTIAL for 2022!

CakeMonster is a unique hyperdeflationary token that offers unique reserve and reward mechanisms with automated hybrid monetary policy.
The project does use a sustainable hyperdeflationary mechanism. For 7 months of its work, the project burned more than 20% of all reserves, which is an excellent indicator.

In numbers, the project burns 2.5% cm of each transaction, and also directs all taxes received into the liquidity pool.

Special attention should be paid to the market capitalization of the project, because it is extremely low and amounts to $13 million, ATH is $150 million. If we compare the project with $DOGE, $SHIBA and $FLOKI, then on the diagram we see excellent indicators that increase the attractiveness of this token.

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⚫ Smart Contract – 0x8A5d7FCD4c90421d21d30fCC4435948aC3618B2f

Telegram: @DigitalTail

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  1. Defi-holic – Loving Monsta so far. Can’t wait to see what the future holds

  2. So happy to to see Cake Monster getting more love! Never seen anything like the cake vault before! Truly epic!

  3. Cake Monster is the smartest protocol on BSC wrapped in a cute meme-able Monsta. The more I learn about this project the more my mind is blown 🤯 Hands down the greatest community in the space. Love my Monsta Fam! 🙌🏼 ♥️

  4. Never regretted buying this token, once you understand the tokenomics you know you can’t lose 🔥🚀

  5. This is one of those rare gems that will change your life forever. Such a great interview. Thanks for this.

  6. thats awesome! thats a result of Genious ppl working, im glad i am a holder.

  7. офигенная система, буду пользоваться!

  8. Cake monster price fallow bitcoin or maybe do worst, maybe not big future for monster

  9. Thanks for your video. I bought the coin right away. It’s unique. If they really pull off what they promise, this will go a very long way.

  10. New into Cake Monster MONSTA & definitely plan to get more…. 📈📈📈🚀🚀🚀

  11. Is rly an awesome project, i rly believe it will make me financially independent!!! True gem, solid project, amazing community!

  12. what is their insta? And why they haven’t post any youtube video since 2 months ago?

  13. I think its a risky invest, When you reset time, you get back bnb in your wallet, when monster price down and bnb up, you get not much bnb, than if you reinvest (bnb price drop) and buy monster token again, you get less monster token, pay fee and than your invested money get less every reset or countdown time goes to the end

  14. Great video and great project, CM will be the next biggest thing in whole defi world

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  16. CakeMonster for the win! Absolutely LOVE this project. Smartest protocol on BSC. Don’t forget 1BillionMcapIsProgrammed!

  17. LOVE this project. Smartest protocol on BSC. Don’t forget 1BillionMcapIsProgrammed

  18. Best protocol in the crypto world. If people truly understood the tokenomics their minds would blow. This is a hidden gem……..for now.