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  1. Saitama going down with Saitamask. Stop buying! You only making people like Henok business partners rich while you get stuck holding the bag.

  2. More bullshit promises from saitama lol. No offense henok. Love ya

  3. Henok crypto stop being pathetic nothing against u but the fact is saitama team hasn’t delivered just bunge lies and broken promises no wondering why the price is going downhill I gave up on them

  4. blah blah and Saitama still not working and if you check the reviews on the app store for Android the app has a 3 star rating clearly dropping down more and more. How about you send a message to the dev team to deliver their promises? thanks

  5. If anyone knows how to read body language here, I think you understand what is going on here. Just be careful with your own investments and be smart with your money. These dudes are payed with nothing to lose. They lost credibility and self respect. What makes you think they care about us. IMO NFA

  6. What’s with all the bots and sales pitches in the chats? Anyway #wolfpack great work Henok!

  7. I hope they are not still launching Lilly tomorrow? A lot of us cant use the app yet.

  8. Man you nothing but a lair , you said you fear god , but still giving ppl advice to buy saitama , you have already made ur millions So stop being greedy and tell ppl the truth about this shitty coin

  9. HODL, HODL, HODL, HODL, that’s all I will say. LOL, I’m not a pump and dump kind of guy. Only people who fud are people who pump and dump.

  10. Yet Saitama keeps bleeding. I really wanted to like this crypto but I can’t from all the drama sadly.

  11. With all respect,.. this project is the worst project in history,.. investor have been waiting for a simple wallet launch ver 3 month. And is still not working and can’t trust it will ever work. In normal world the CEO would be fired long time ago and also outsourced real professional engineering dev team. What saitama is showing to investors is weakness.

  12. what do you mean “we”…???????? what is “our money?..??? if you are on the phone and have info that we dont? how can i get in the boardroom? or did you just admit to insider information?

  13. Of course you have enemies. Because There are still honest, smart, and hardworking people on earth that don’t want hype whores with shit projects fucking up crypto. Just be patient and watch that next promise go unfulfilled, and then tell us it was all part of the process.

  14. The way this guy talk isn’t that clever but he’s trying I can tell LOL 😂 (but it’s very skeptic that’s why I’m not in lol) steve the crypto is WAY more intelligent when talking ! < facts and with Steve’s messages saitama isn’t nothing but a SCAM!!!! Look at the charts all pump dump pump dump and now another pump and going down again dump ! They hype hype dummies pour there money Saitama team dumps make gains . Remember what Steve say! Paper hand 🤚

  15. this guy is full of shit, he wont tell you about his hidden wallets, the wallets he uses to buy and then dump while pumping through social media

  16. Love it Henok! Keep up the great work

  17. dont listen to him, no tier 1 exchange will list this kind of tokonomics, cmc hasnt fixed their ranking, there is a reason why, kucoin was a lie, vegas diaster now shitamask

  18. Jesus, this guy is delusional.
    Or does the promise of a few bucks do this to some people’s self respect and self worth??
    Help is never far away champ!!!

  19. Can you tell me if anyone have an error when transferring Eth to Saitama on the Saitmask…I have done 3 different transactions to transfer Eth to Saitama to get ready for Lily Finance and all 3 transactions says “error”. It only shows the balance left of Eth and no Saitama nor putting my money back to Eth due to error.