Algorand – ALGO Coin

🔥 Algorand Crypto Price Prediction – ALGO Coin Ready To CRASH!!! ALGO Price Target

Algorand Crypto Price Prediction – ALGO Coin Ready To CRASH!!! ALGO Price Target

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Here at HueFin News we will show you that you do not need to buy expensive charting software or use indicators to understand where the market is going. The cryptocurrency market, stock market, and commodities market all speak through the charts. It is a language and it is spoken through volume and bars.

It is our purpose to give you market analysis and news that is not confusing.

In order to be a profitable trader you have to PREDICT with HIGH CONFIDENCE where price is LIKELY to move. Understanding market language will allow you see where price is going to move with high precision.

That’s why we are giving you news (before it happens) according to the charts.

Make sure you subscribe to this channel to get a better understanding of the market without indicators, shapes, patterns, or expensive software. Also, leave a comment if you have any questions.

HueFin News will also speak on topics that are important to you. Some topics include: cryptocurrency news, gold, silver, oil, fiat currencies, fintech, stocks, economic metrics, day trading, swing trading, FOREX, and many other topics that we feel is vital to your profitability in the financial markets. This video is about algorand prediction, algorand news today, algorand review, algo price prediction, algo crypto news, algorand 2021, algorand explained, algorand token crypto, algorand news, algorand crypto, algorand coin, algorand news, algo coin, crypto news today, algorand price prediction, algorand wallet, crypto news, algorand, algorand crypto price prediction.

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  1. To me it looks like algo is holding just as strong as eth, cardano, polka, and I dont see those coins dropping any time soon

  2. Dropping 🧐 So after your video I sold for Enjin and Rose and the price went up….so tell me, how’s that for accuracy 🤷‍♀️

  3. why care about your 3 weeks???.Im gonna hold it till at least 2025…It’s brand new (launched in 2019) with a low market cap and excellent foundations created by MIT…

  4. Algo to the Moon Crash where in the bottom of the bottom of it goes lower time to buy more algo Top 3 in 3 years

  5. Clickbait bullshit. Algo is going to be one of the big winners in 2022. This dude SAAAAAWWWWKS

  6. I brought algo at 55c.. just sold at $2.00.. that jump tells me something.. someone knows something.. i agree its going down.. sec news means its wise to sell until regs get sorted.. thats 90% of my crypto.. i just have 1000xrp and 1000 xlm left in my portfolio.. having a break

  7. I know u are professional but this is one of few crypto technology or project ready to be tested and will be used by many companies. Top programs already sided with algorand over solana. Therefore, if this coin fails, crypto market is not too promising.

  8. If you ask me Algorand is neither the next Solana nor the next Ethereum. It is completely something else. Definitely one of its kind. You may not believe me but I believe ALGO’s prices will even go beyond ETH’s in just a few years.