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  1. Its actually very easy if you do research on coins and follow hype. Like at the moment POLKADOT will have Parachain starting on the 11th November.. That’s easy 2x just sell on the day and u should be fine. Is it potentially 3 or 4x of course but would u risk it.. No point.. Its the Greed meter warning. U just take your stash and put it into another one which follows hype..

  2. Why did its price fall down more than %50 after Dubai trip just in a week then ?

  3. Bro I’m sorry this was more painful to watch then giving birth through my nose hole… big metahero fan but can’t say this got me excited for the project what so ever

  4. 3:51 You got me in the first half, not gonna lie :D

    Imo we just need TIER 1 listings to start going upp

  5. I got 6000 hero 1$ would be massive for me because I will reinvest it like you said but imagine 10$ 👀📈🔥🚀