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Billions of dollars are being earned in DEFI and NFTs, but there’s a really big problem. It’s very difficult for the average new user to navigate the complex crypto market making for a very poor experience. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you a new hidden Altcoin Gem that I believe can help solve this massive problem, and if it does, it also has 100X potential.

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00:00 DEFI and NFTs’ really big problem.
01:07 The next 100X Altcoin Gem
05:34 Tokenomics & Roadmap
07:32 How to get in the presale!
08:48 Join the class and Telegram VIP group

So what is the next 100X Potential Altcoin Gem?


It hardly feels real, but after months of hard work we’re finally ready to launch DeSpace! Read on to learn everything you need to know about our IDO, as well as how you can participate! 🥳

📝 When are we Launching?

The IDO is set to happen across three IDO platforms between 20th and 21st of September. We’ll keep everyone posted with the exact details on time when finalized.

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Medium for all our updates, and be sure to join both our announcement channel and community Telegram groups so that you don’t miss a thing!
How much DES is available?

The IDO itself will proceed according to the tokenomics of our whitepaper. In total, 781,251 DES will be available at a price of 0.32 USD per DES.

50% of the allocations will be unlocked immediately after the TGE, while the remaining 50% will be unlocked after one month.

Remember, other sale rounds have different cliffs and unlocking schedules. Check out our documentation for more information.

🚀 Who are the launchpad partners?

We’ve teamed up with three reputable launchpads to make sure the sale occurs smoothly and is accessible to as many people as possible. We’re stoked to announce the following partnerships for launch:


The exact method for whitelisting will depend on the launchpad. Make sure you’re following us for more information closer to the date.

Thank you to everyone who registers for a whitelist lottery, and congratulations in advance — even if you aren’t whitelisted, you’ve still taken part in a movement that will change DeFi and NFTs forever.


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  1. Not in the US again. Sorry! I was gonna join the course but I’m in the US. I have to unsub. Good luck guys!

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    Where can I buy Duck token in order to participate in the project and in IDO?

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