🔥Turn 20$ Into 2000$ BitOrbit 100X Launching on VelasPad & BSCPad💲How to Buy?

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🔥Turn 20$ Into 2000$ BitOrbit 100X Launching on VelasPad & BSCPad💲How to Buy?

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  1. Again great info .So which one should we buy velaspad or bscpad ?..thanks

  2. If i dont have velaspad and bscpad how can i get the address for whitelist?

  3. Bro $VLXPAD IS $0.84 it’s not possible for small Traders like Us to get 20000 of those . Is there any other way to Participate in these IDOs without Staking. i really wanna Get into Pulse Pad but .. I can’t because of the High Staking Requirements

  4. Bro i follow your English and tamil channel.,.. Great job sharing your knowledge… 🙏🏻

  5. Haha bro 20000 velaspad token means 19k usd aprox …kiske pas he itna pesa

  6. which one is the best and share its contract please,im new in this bussiness,i need help

  7. Takes for the knowledge bro. Update us the small trader when to trade valse because we can’t participate in the whitelist no capital for that

  8. Do I need KYC on VLXPAD & BSCPAD to participate? How do I KYC on Velaspad?

  9. Sir with the title of the video, I discovered that the minimal required from Velaspad is 2500VLX which worth more than $1500 so how can $20 participate in the project of such according to the headline?

    Another is I tried to connect Velaspad to my wallet (trust wallet) but it was asking for ethereum network wallet, am I doing anything wrong here?

    Am asking because I need to understand it all before another project comes up

  10. So we cant make 20k from 20? Because the staking requirements? 200k VLXPAD has a nice value…

  11. @Chennai Marketer I have got selected Bitorbit IDO Public sale by the basis of First come first service. need little bit help

  12. From where do I get my BSCPAD address. I stake bscpad from my Metamask wallet.

  13. To join even the lowest tier you need at least 2000 dollars, can you please elucidate if im right

  14. Hello brother so staking 100 vlx doesnot make any sense then right. You need at least 20000 vlx for allocation right. I staked 100vlx so will it work? Please reply thank you.