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In this video, I discuss Dogecoin news and how the news of a potential bear market is looming. Dogecoin having the freedom to move like a currency is the first domino we need for next year. Dogecoin’s real sustainable value will come from utility. Dogecoin has had an amazing year but this dogecoin news allows you to be strategic about your plans for 2022. I also conduct Dogecoin TA, Dogecoin Analysis, & Dogecoins News in this video. Please subscribe for more dogecoin news videos.

Follow Me : Instagram: @iamdavidmitchelljr
Twitter: @jrdavidmitchell

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  1. David I was wrong in the chat about the fed ,it’s not a meet Kevin video, it was a Tom Nash video

  2. Robinhood is definitely playing games with us. I stopped trading on the platform. My Dogecoin is just sitting there. So, they sent a survey asking about why I was dissatisfied. Can’t wait till I get my wallet and move my coins to a ledger.

  3. What if the rise of the market is because there new investors in the past years or so the percentage of investors has goin up by alot more that ever seen

  4. Yeah please definitely do a watch party & also maybe explain some of the things they say … also want to say great videos I really appreciate your work & daily posts

  5. The virtual telemarketers taking over comments,,, funny YouTube so sensitive , but won’t stop the telemarketing 2.0
    David,, you are always spot on

  6. Great video . Thanks for answering all the questions. I learn alot from other question PLP ask you and your detailed answers.
    Let’s go doge!!

  7. Hi David again you have the best YouTube channel, by the way Chuck Berry / Johnny B Goode gold coin put on Voyager mission into space years ago now Elon with Doge coin

  8. David, I give you credit for your perseverance. It’s easy to put out content when things are riding high but not so when the converse is true! Keep up the good fight.

  9. My $7,000 is now worth 3500 to the moon woohoo can’t wait to see it get down to 1500

  10. Heyyyyy D…When u say this growth in “unnatural,” are u at all taking into account the massive increase in the number of investors in the past year, largely due to Robinhood?