WazirX – WRX Token

🚨emergency |INDIA BAN CRYPTO?| WAZIRX Exchange huge dump| क्या सब कुछ खत्म?|Bitcoin huge dump |


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  1. Govt had already updated earlier, it will ban crypto as only exchange payment method from 1 account to other, and regulate as asset class.

    Misinterpreted news are been circulated resulting in dips in price in wazirx

    Relaxe all frnds

  2. Lol … these all youtubers trying to make people hold crypto as if they really know what’s in that bill…they just want their portfolio don’t fall and their only employment (crypto trading) don’t stop.
    Think logical guys — why do they care we hold or sell !! Demand and supply equation!

  3. Always 5 – 10 % high price form international exchange …. Which was manipulate by indian exchange and indian media … Hey crypto trader don’t be fool !!

  4. Sir
    Good morning
    Really you are great, really you are great .I always pray to God for your and your families kindness.

  5. Bhai coin market cap and wazirx pe inr me itna price difference kyo hai????

  6. Tt coin kaise transfer kare wo to trf hi nahi ho rahe mining bhi khatam ho gaye

  7. जब से मोदिया आया है तब से साला डंप ही हो रहा है

  8. सर अभी हम बहुत घाटे में हैं अगर कुछ समय बाद भारत सरकार क्रिप्टोकरंसी को बैन कर देगी तो हम लोग और घाटे में चले जाएंगे सर हम लोग अपने कॉइन को बाइनेंस एक्सचेंज पर कैसे ले जाएं

    Please Sar jaldi bataen🙏🙏🙏

  9. Sir wazirx me sab coin ke price alag bata rahe hai.
    Or deposit bhi nahi ho raha hai

  10. Lg rha kisan k jaise public ko bhi aandolan krna padega crypto ko leke🤪🤪🤪

  11. Aise time pe portfolio mt dekho biwi ke sath ghumne chle jao ghum k aao dekho fr portfolio normal rahega as it before.

  12. If govt bans crypto in India Ramji ki kasam kabhi BJP nahi ane wali 👆 govt dont want nation to step forward and redefine wealth na na they want tax tax and some use less argument which is false

  13. pls start teling wazirex hum ko dono side se mat maro. pls dont west time buy pro version of treding view . ur software not able to hold penic time trafic. pls pls ek jo kam kar sakte hai vo to karo

  14. Pancake se maine revolloto buy kiya tha trust wallet ke through kafi high quantity me kya me sell krdu plzzzzz reply🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏