🚨SAITAMA | EVERRISE application and YOUTUBE division WHY ?

SAITAMA has Everrise application and lets talk FUD. Saitama holding up
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  1. They keep saying all these future projects but can’t get Saitamask to work. It turned into a joke

  2. Man U sold Out
    Yiy need to let Russell’s Nuts go a d Do Just Quality video’s but We understand You youtubers are exactly alike none want truth
    Eso if its putting a biot on the neck of Trash like Shaitama Inu
    Another fk Joke Utuber nut hugging

  3. Brother Mike , hope all is well. Thank you for the analysis. $ strikes, OUCH!!! Still gonna wait before I redownload. Holding my bag.

  4. I wish I was on that Twitter Space. After this news of the swap being disabled I want to ask Russ to step down from the helm and give leadership to Max. I think Russ can do his COO work and give the other devs (especially the technical devs like Max) the helm. Max probably has better ideas of what timelines are. Russ has let his mouth overpromise and underdeliver. I still like Russ, but this is where I’m at objectively.