100X AstroSwap – Possible returns $1500💲| New project in Tronpad, BSCpad & ADAPAD🔥

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100X AstroSwap – Possible returns $1500💲| New project in Tronpad, BSCpad & ADAPAD🔥



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  1. I am happy with u profit. Again pls give update for buy coin low price like bsc pad & Apad

  2. You sound low bro! Don’t get down with few ppl who are jealous of your earning! But hear the ones like me who are encouraging you and cheering you to make more content like this!

    You have a good heart! God bless you.

  3. You are doing a wonderful job of explaining . If they do not get inspired by profit then do not worry about jeolous people .

  4. Please make a full tutorial how to join in Ido…how to stake token…..I am new in crypto…..

  5. Plz don’t stop showing your profit..
    We get very much motivated by seeing all these things..

    I’m ultra positive bcoz of you only brother..

    Learnt alot from you.. 👍👍👍

    God bless you bro 🙏

  6. Please I need help, when Staking pad tokens like Tronpad and Bscpad, how long did it take you to get verified for the KYC?

  7. yes bro what you told is correct when you show your profit then we will get confidence and learn thing. what you said is right

  8. Pls why don’t u use $ as ur currency on trust wallet where everyone can understand fully? Remember ur audience are not only in India.

  9. Can someone help me out? How do I actually acquire Astroswap? I’m to the point where I have ADAPAD staked – what are the exact steps I need to take next. I also am trying to understand how the KYC (Know Your Customer) process works with ADAPAD… thank you.

  10. Can you make a video explaining how we can get astroswap token on the presale please

  11. Please someone help me how I can get into the presale please 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. hello i have a question how can i get some astro swap token like should wait for public sale or can i get some astro swap befor the public sale?????

  13. How to buy astroswap? I have registered for whitelist… Do I need to be holding any Adapad?

  14. In order to buy these coin do we have to stake ADAPAD????
    plz can u explain the process???

  15. Brother, what is the contract no. for Astro Swap and what is the token symbol?

  16. Happy for your success keep it up and show profits always! That’s what gives hope for all 👍😃 Amazing job bro 🙏

  17. Bro, I ike your videos, why don’t you make a step by step video as in how to buy this AstroSwap?

  18. Great video bro!

    I enjoy you showing us your profits! It gives some of us hope and motivation!

    You’ve earned yourself a new subscriber!

    Keep up the good work! 👍

  19. love to see the profit, shows me what is really possible im not there yet but will be soon !!!!

  20. Sir I bought Astroswap from their public sale but there was instruction to click on Claim after buying I was not able to click on it due to network problem, so I don’t know if I will be able to receive my token when they start to distribute them

  21. I bought astroswap on pancake after watching your video but I cannot sell it back on pancake swap pls can you help me

  22. Brother pl make vdo how to buy astroswap pulsepad on bluezilla

  23. And pl make vdo on ido, presale