100X Crypto For The Metaverse (Be A Metahero With This Token)

The metaverse has instantly become the next big thing, with a ton of new products and investments being announced nearly every day. Development and innovation is happening rapidly and many of these teams just started thinking about this space when they saw headlines about Facebook’s next move, but there are a handful of projects that have been silently building out the metaverse for a long time and today we’re gonna take a look at one of the biggest: Metahero.

Metahero is one of the hottest up-and-coming metaverse crypto projects. They have partnered with Wolf Digital World to help them build the gateway to the metaverse, allowing them to create 3D avatars of themselves and objects with plans of transporting them into the metaverse in the future. Find out what else Metahero and its HERO token have in store.

0:00 Intro
0:50 What is Metahero?
1:44 Team
2:42 Partnerships and specs of the 3d scanner
3:27 Who’s using it
3:58 Heroverse
4:57 HERO token
5:35 Roadmap

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  1. All we need is full interactive body suits and the Matrix is here. Who is Neo? Red or blue pill? Wait… what’s that light…”up his dose he’s waking up” 😂

  2. Pulsechain- gonna take over etheruem
    Tenshi- gain etheruem for holding
    Kishu- main coin for tenshi

  3. Does the resource already speak of Rayons Energy? look at the project for us
    was listed on the CMC

  4. you need to get to know the rayons energy project, the best solar energy project in Brazil and it will be in the world in the future. if you think about a better world talk about Rayons energy and we’ll delight you.

  5. VIBE Metaverse / Few tokens and almost all in circulation. David, could you analyze this token? Thank you and congratulations on your work

  6. Love your content, mate. Would you be able to do a review on Khaos Verse? It is on a exchange Pulse Chain Network and creating the first pulse to the eth bridge

  7. Wasn’t this guy just crying this morning about exiting crypto if it dipped below 40k? 😂😂

  8. Someone please explain how 200 Sony cameras, 3 developers and a fancy website can have a 1 billion market cap.There is a very high chance this is gonna be a giant rug pull.

  9. We don’t have a working product it could be too pretentious or a rug it’s only based if hype

  10. What was most impressive and made me diversify my portfolio was how it remained fairly stable during this last drop. Plus, it hasn’t gone up as much as others. And considering others that have 5 billion circ supply right now and their valuation, it makes it intriguing. Lastly, we live in a world of “me”, so the idea that people can make a character of themselves seems like that will be catchy.

  11. Stop fooling people u idiot! Have some mercy! Just like Fox News is to journalism, you are evil to Crypto space!

  12. This is an illegal presale guys I’m sorry to tell you. I wanted it to be real too but unfortunately it’s not. Just read the whitepaper if you don’t believe me

  13. too high mcap. Check out the similar project Metaverse face (MEFA). 100 times smaller Mcap and 1 month old.

  14. Hey bitboy, if you are aware of the presale issues with everdome, please don’t get ur reputation ruined for promoting this project…rob and team are not matured enough to handle an Crypto project..i ve been an hero Holder from day 1….i ve faced lots of issues and hiccups with METAHERO project.. right from the reward pool issue to everdome presale…i am at loss of 75 percent right now from its ATH… waiting for it to dump if it increases…. I regret getting my friends into it who bought at ATH and presently suffering heavy loss….
    BOTTOM LINE:- Rob hyped this project like an extraordinary but till now it turned out to be less than ordinary….