1inch Token

1inch Network WILL REACH $600 WHY?? – 1inch Coin Price Prediction – What is 1inch?

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1inch Network WILL REACH $600 WHY?? – 1inch Coin Price Prediction – What is 1inch?

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  1. Dude, you should have looked up the price before you produced the video. We are already past your end of year price as of the day of this posting.

  2. What is this video on about? 1inch has already passed these marks before this video was posted. Don’t trust Microsoft Sam videos.

  3. If they are legit. We can essily see 10x. Easily…. its dirt cheap at 1 bil while others coins is around 5bil or 10bil market cap

  4. this looks like one of those hijacked youtube channels Smarter every day talks about

  5. if you liked it at $4 you will love it here. current price @ 1.60 – buy some now as we are in a great buy zone. within a years time frame this coin will be trading at $4 – 4.50