1inch Token

1INCH Price Prediction: Long-Term Prediction (Honest Opinion)

In this video I give you my honest price prediction on the 1INCH token and where it may be headed in the long-term.

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Disclaimer: The content in this video is NOT financial advice.

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  1. Not if I’ll put 10k on 1inch lol
    I don’t know if 1inch will be more popular in 5 years or become more obscure and neglected

  2. If I plan to hold for 20 years, would I get a better price to invest in bear market than now in bull market?

  3. We are the 1%, not the ones investing and that have hardware wallets. but the ones that hodl through times like these and don’t have short term hands! congratulations to you guys, you beat the game..

  4. the Circulating Supply
    is x2 a month after this video so your math is out the window

  5. Enjoy your 2x gains in 4 years while I get 10 20x gains on micro caps