Blank Wallet – BLANK Token

3 Low Cap Altcoins with 10 – 100 X Potential !

#Bitcoin #Atlcoins #NFTs
0:00 Intro and important market update
2:04 First Altcoin
6:55 second altcoin
10:42 third Altcoin (NFT+Gaming)
15:15 Outro

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Ape In:
How to stake your APE IN NFts:

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  1. I love how you described these tokens and NFT in details. Please do a video on Gaming NFTs and their future, because this in my opinion is going to be something huge providing gateway to tons of possibilities and making most gamers’ dream come true “Earning while Playing”.

  2. Hey man first thank you for your hard work to uploading this content, but i have question that you are saying Metamask making money I do not think so , these transaction fees goes to eth miner , maybe i am wrong please to help me understand

  3. $HID check it out ! Under 2 million market cap and max total supply at 50 million. It’s at 50cents right now big steal to jump in at these prices

  4. Function X features are so mind-blowing and is so underrated atm. People just have not taken notice yet while i have been collecting slowly.. heheheh