Polygon – MATIC Token

3 Reasons why POLYGON (MATIC) is My #1 Cryptocurrency for 2021-2022!

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0:00 Intro
0:53 MATIC Fundamentals
2:29 Polygon NFT
4:40 9% on MATIC5:01 MATIC Technicals & Strategy
9:59 Conclusion

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  1. One thing you didn’t mention is that on Celsius they don’t yet use the Matic main net so you have to send your coins on the Ethereum network.

  2. I actually just bought $1000 of matic not too long ago because I felt it would start climbing. Up around $350 already because of this recent run up. Just bought more at $2

  3. Bro, you’re so good with your explanations. Thanks for the great content 🪛

  4. As matic you are absolutely the number one explaining stuff like this. Salud

  5. This is the first video I watched from you and I love the way you explained what Polygon is! You just got another subscriber!

  6. I’ve been buying matic weekly. It’s my safe bet, I see it only growing and it’s risk being very small at this point.

  7. Just came across of your channel, your topics are very well explained and had got me interested. I’m keen to see some future uploads so you’ve earned my subscription! Thank you for the great content!!

  8. I’ve been doing small ETH mining as hobby, and I took my rewards to polygon network because transfer fees. I might swap my rewards to Matic tokens hopefully it goes well for me.

  9. 🔝🔝🔝
    I have finally been paid thanks guys for your good work i thought it was a joke at first until i got credited thanks once again 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  10. The analogy was outstanding, I’m curious on how would you represent a Layer 3 solution hehe

  11. Also, keep an eye out on projects launching on polygon, there is some great opportubities to be getting in early. Micro Machines – Rise of the Warbots, being one

  12. Great video on Polygon! Always good to see people spreading info on how great the Polygon ecosystem is to those who don’t yet realize it.

  13. But Polygon is losing attention from Users. Maybe they prepare making something big?

  14. Finally big youtuber speaking about matic thank you, this coin needs more value on youtube

  15. Great simple explanation/illustration of the relationship between ETH and MATIC. Subbed

  16. Matic is my biggest investment and i am very happy with it long may it continue !

  17. I am leaving this post here as a form of gratitude, since that is one of the least thing I could do to appreciate the things as done for me. Most of us have tried a lot of methods but we keep missing it because we have no personal guide

  18. has done it for me again always seeing amazing things am happy for my successful withdrawal.

  19. Just at the dying moment when I thought all was lost,then I got to know. and my life turned around thanks so much

  20. Thanks to everyone that introduced me to this man, he helped me a lot

  21. The best decision I ever made in my life was investing. Trust me guys, it pays!😊

  22. I always wanted to be financially free!!! I remember when I was told it’s not possible, that it was too hard. I remember having tried, until the day I found the right one and I trained. I had the chance to meet the right people, you deserve that chance too

  23. I just found my self 🔝🔝speechless can’t thank you enough you made my day just received another 3btc into my wallet address with your wonderful script ,you the best in the wor,ld God bless you sir….

  24. I enjoy your videos, please make them more often! Thank you 😄

  25. Dude I love the quick TA u do on ur videos, along with the token background and basically everything covered in this video. I’m also a big supporter of MATIC and i think it’s definitely possible and more surprising that it’s not more like a 50-60 Bn MktCap layer2. It’s just as solid as the BSC which is also a god send when ERC20 tokens get BSC compatibility and save much on those gas fees. Polygon is just the best layer2 imo to handle the scalability and gas issues with ETH right now. They’re gonna need to make sure Txs can be done for less or it’s just not even worth doing when the gas is more than the token or NFT or whatever.

  26. Also majority of games are built on Matic (for now). Let’s see how things play out moving forwards. Matic is also my No1 holding for the remainder of the this cycle.

  27. I also invested part of usdt in this coin, but I think that there are no altcoins better than Ethereum

  28. Do you prefer Celsius than Coinbase? Thinking of transferring over. Don’t know if it’s a good idea.

  29. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  30. Not yet, but your props on your analogy and thanks for recommending passive income through Celsius I already joined!

  31. Hi Eddie, when staking with celius, what are the risks I should be aware of? They hold the keys don’t they? For example, I was told to stay away from Nexo which is similar, thanks so much

  32. ETH 2.0 will make ETH faster. Probably still have high gas fees though. But both coins are good.

  33. I like the way you explain. Top easy simple and fast like polygon 😂👍🔥
    Abonnement done 👍

  34. Great cause I’m watching like 12 hours after it came out. And you spot on I belive. And you strategy on I like that’s my plan as wl.. my buddy that got me onto it told me let it ride and dnt stress on it when it drops cuz its suppose to happen. Good luck everyone hope you guys make profit 🤘🤙🤙

  35. Love this. Do you have a guide on how you read the graph and the tools you use? Would help a lot!

  36. What if Ethereum is able to solve their issues? It seems to me that this will kill A LOT of altcoins.

  37. When you made this video. I was a little hesitant on it. The price was 1.97. I saw it hit like 2.40 or so. Well, today (Dec 13) it’s down to 1.78, so I just went in hard on it. I’m kinda glad I waited now. Hopefully it goes on that nice run soon. Thanks for all the videos.

  38. I got in on Polygon after watching your this video @1.83 and 1.56. It’s doing well right now and wish I’d have dumped more in. Looking to buy in again at some point. The Uniswap news obviously helped the current pump. Thanks again for the solid info — helps in making good decisions moving forward.

  39. Bought a bunch at $0.40. Vitally says public ally that ethereum will rock as it scales up. Large ethereum position. Using Polygon kinda like down side protection against things unknown with the future of ETH. In the mean time enjoying the ride up on MATIC .