300,000 Holders a LIE?! 😱Saitama Dust wallets

I know we can’t control who sends WHAT to us, but isn’t this coincidence a little crazy? C’monnn.
AND YES! I did the same thing for Shibnobi. Turns out that %28 of their wallets contain less than $100 in them.
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Sandstorms video! :
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  1. Hi everyone here this Youtuber is paid actor. And if you are new to crypto, educate yourself not listening by this paid actor.

  2. So these top holders that are buying other weird fake crypto currencies like I saw in another video. In the other video it was showing that anyone can put money into a project but only specific wallets can pull money out (honeypot scam). So is someone from the saitama team just trying to get money through fake currencies and bring them back to saitama later on to pump saitama to make it look more attractive? Idk something very weird about that.

  3. We will have a million holders before it’s over so this ridiculously irrelevant. You love Saitama because you can’t seem to get the word out your mouth. Sad life


  5. FUDney and team at it again spreading FUD!! Even if there’s dust wallets or coins, it’s not a “lie” that they’re holders. U can’t call that a lot because it’s just not, but u like to spread FUD consistently. Go on and keep fudding fudney, it ain’t stopping us. Hope cliff is paying u good. Last video I’ll watch if yours

  6. U are asking for bad energy in your life if u keep putting it out if Saitama is so bad stop talking about it

  7. i have a ? can a dust wallet be created if people that bought at the top and it dumps how it did?

  8. Dang so what you saying is we reached a market cap of over a billion and we only have 50% real holders
    Omg we have so much more to accomplish thanks for the video
    Even more bullish now…

  9. My sister bought 200 at ATH and is worth less then a 100 and she still holding so that makes her a dust wallet lol silly silly…

  10. Don’t you have anything better to do than snitch on Saitama? We get it you hate Saitama lmao!

  11. Now I see you’re just riding on Saitama wave and talking your shhh like you eat it too. These percentage amounts of Wallets you’re referring to are holding tight, with not much invested. If you are a true Saitama investor don’t believe all this guy says

  12. At the begging I only had 100$ wallet because this is a gamble any meme coin is! But besides that this man is worse than a female one day he sleeps with saitama and the next he sleeps with shanobi and so on bro the project is going to take of with or without you! Get in or stay out simple wtf is the point of trying to shit on the project? Your not changing minds this is a long term project

  13. To be fair. Do your same analysis on an older and a younger token: idk: shiba inu and shinja.

    Maybe the older the token the more dust wallets are left behind?

    You say you don’t fud but what if its a function if a declining or aging token?

  14. This is the “technical analysis” one gets from a truck driver married to a porn star wannabe, a car washer, sorry, detailer, a fake-injured, stay-at-home army reserve vet, your local IT guy, et al. My 8-year-old nephew could have told tell you that this applies to any and all crypto. All cryptos do is quote what dextools show for holders. What a waste of time, but, again, consider the source…

  15. Hey bud go worry about how to get real subscribers ! Worry about your holders lmfao instead of just buying them clown. Do you buy comments as well who do you call to get these packages of subs and comments lmfao! It’s so funny when you try to shit on something and you forget about the shit in your closet! Lmfao you can’t make this shit up !!

  16. Its the same for all coins… Look at SHIBA INU and you will see the same exact thing. Where’s their video LOL!!!… In any cooperation a metric is a check in the box for the brand, almost the same as you getting a like or a dislike on this YouTube page you are still hitting the algorithm for your brand… Super Trolling with content for views…Ugh

  17. From now on new investor should invest at least $101 so they wont be called dust wallet, rite Rodney. Just so u know wallets like these applied to all thousands cryptos out there not only saitama..

  18. Fudney !!!! This is the same for all crypto’s out there. How much are you paid to do this shit. I’m pay you the same to stfu!!!

  19. Real facts are that unfortunately SAITAMASK was more like a prototype to be honest, the main functions didn’t even work on launch.

    In Software QA it’s what we call a BUG with HIGH SEVERITY because impacts the solution offered to the end user.

    Bots are only one excuse because there are still many major bugs in the app and to be honest I don’t expect to be ready any time soon.

    Software Engineers here know exactly what I mean.

  20. Tire of that old man gym body from Russ. Is there another picture of Russ to use.

  21. Please investigate another project you are bullish on… give us your findings… naw you want do that… that would be fair but you not going to do that are you?

  22. The obsession with fudding Saitama continues on this channel. Clinging to its coattails to get hits, as usual. If the holder numbers were fake, Rodney wouldn’t be covering it. So calling this nonsense out.

  23. Lol. So this applies to EVERY project. You are basically shitting on crypto. 😂

  24. So your saying that I don’t count because I have less than $100 of Saitama… my wallet isn’t dead and probably the same for all the other wallets under $100

  25. Always something with saitama lol its a mess with loyal fans, is saitamask working?

  26. $70 now is at ATH approximately more than $350, for a lot of people this is Serious money.
    I have money and you after crypto trading have a lot of money now. I respect your Contents But this one is not successful sorry especially when you think in with the wealthy mindset.

  27. A $100 worth of Saitama now near the ATH was worth like 700 or better at the time consider gas and network fees

  28. Does this mean you agree shinja doesn’t have 55 k holders ,
    And no tokens have near the amount the project