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500,000% APY Staking With DAO’s?! (best projects to stake)

In this video I speak about DAO’s, how they work, what I am staking and my results in the first 24 hours!

Are you staking HEC, WAGMI, OHM, TIME or any other project?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Great video Jeff. But what do we do after we want to unstake? Do we convert it back to FTM on that spooky swap site ?

  2. There’s no minimum staking time period correct? Might full send 10K for 30days

  3. can you go over the glassnode data from time to time. I think it is really useful.

  4. every chain has is own main dex, lending and borrowing platform and ohm fork. hector will become the leading ohm fork on fantom

  5. Is there a link to that MEMO calculator which is used to calculate the ROI in these 8hrs compound frequency? Thx

  6. i have already staked in 3 of them but the problem is MONEY …. i dont have that much money lol and the higher the prinicipal amount the bigger the returns however at a smaller investment also results are amazing just take some more days but insane results waiting for my results hopefully max people make good money

  7. These DAO forks are the best thing that happened in crypto in a long time, everyone is apeing on every fork that is created, pure fomo.
    Yesterday: Lambo wen
    Today Lambo factory wen

  8. OHM is the king of DeFi 2.0… The apy may be lower at 7000% but it’s at least stable. On other OHM wannabe copycat projects is not sustainable… Plus when ETH 2.0 comes out all copycats goes out the window…

  9. the current apy is around 320000% for hector, why does the apy drop at such a rapid rate. Is it because hector lost 25% value yesterday or is it because more people started staking it after a day. What do you think will be average apy for a year?

  10. 50k got balls of steel bro .. i thought i was gung ho but im seeing im quite conservative ..well done man 18k in 24 hours is dope af … i think getting in when they are just begining and staying 3 to 6 months is probably the go …although hiting it with big capital and short time frame staying in maybe 3 weeks may be the go with that option ..again well done man

  11. HECTOR is $178 now but still crazy APY! What I noticed though is that for the short term, no matter how high the APY is, the 5 day interest doesn’t vary that much. So it makes you think, these ponzi schemes aren’t very long term (unless you get in relative early, you’re the ponzi boss). I myself am staked on TIME because I am a fan of Daniele.

  12. $52k!? Man that’s risky. I hope it works out for you though. High risk high reward. thanks for the video.

  13. Dao’s are going to be absolutely huge, like all crypto there are risks as stated, but the good projects have insane gains. its a chance for people to earn good passive income and good to stake in a bear market. I invested in a riskier project fortress dao with a daily percentage of 5 day rate of an insane 20%.The key is to be careful only invest small amounts and and try get out initial investment quick as possible and let it grow on its. own. Not financial advice do your own deep research,

  14. Good stuff Jeff! How do I get a copy of that excel spreadsheet that does the staking calculations?

  15. Jeff, great show. You got yourself a like and a new subscriber. Quick question can I purchase FTM from another platform to transfer to Metamask and then carry on from there? Thank you

  16. With an APY that high, you really don’t need a ton of money as your Initial investment to make serious cash. I bet with just $100 you could still make bank.

  17. If the coin is backed by Dai and Dai is pegged to the us dollar. Aren’t these coins/projects essentially also pegged to the us dollar? Am I missing something? It’s not like it’s backed by gold.

  18. Do any of your vids touch on how to effectively avoid impermanent loss when staking in these LPs?

  19. FYI, these projects you’re talking about are Ohm forks, the term DAO refer to where the holders decide what the token does. Just wanted to inform that not every Ohm fork is a DAO ($Time) and not every DAO is an Ohm fork.

  20. Nemesis DAO with insane APY on Binance. And just a week into the market and 7M market cap. Thank me later.

  21. Hey Jeff I just came across your video and thanks for the amazing info you sharing.
    I’m struggling to transfer ftm into my MetaMask. Do you have a separate video how to transfer ftm to MetaMask or can you explain it as a reply thanks in advance.
    Ps: I tried transferring from binance and ftm but it did not work.

  22. New Sub here – Anyone else feel like we’re getting in on the ground floor??? Putting an affordable stake into OHM, TIME, META, HEC (possibly adding WAGMI thanks to your plug) …. easiest and most exciting investment I have done since January! Appreciate the content!

  23. You should believe in it more than that and not consider to unstake all after such a short time.

  24. The APY is not actually crazy as its the token of the project you are receiving so it depends on the price of the token at the time you cash out. Yes if the price is low you have a large amount of tokens but the astronomical earnings people expect is dependant on price of the Token.

  25. Hi great post!!! 1. How are you finding these? 2.Would be cool to see how your research this. THanks for SHOWing moving the funds around in the wallets, because navigating the waters can be intimidating and it gives the viewer some confidence :) to follow your trail.

  26. They don’t burn the coin to get the price back up, what they do is buy back your coin if it drops under it’s backed price… Olympus is what is called over collateralization, meaning they have more in assets than coin circulating… Whereas say Tether has only as much as they circulate, let alone they have been under scrutiny with claims that they don’t have enough reserves to cover their supply, with rewards for anyone with information leading to the discovery of their actual finances…

  27. Which wallet do you use to swap/stack dao? Thank you

  28. Wonderland Time + magic Internet money / abracadabra is absolute fire right now. Ohm would be too if it wasn’t for the gas fees. (Though one could argue the gas fees help the stability)

  29. I like PIDAO on BSC chain. Nice community and still discounted price. Certik audit results incoming in 1-2days plus they have NFT project feature, just amazing. :)

  30. so 500,000% APY seems like waayyy too much. What am i missing here? We can really get 500,000% APY?

  31. Best explanation and walk through of a DAO I have seen to date! I salute you sir! Subscribed for life !

  32. Jeff can i request the softcopy of the excel file where you calculate all your forecast income?

  33. which one are the biggest daos on each network? besides olympus. might be wise to diversify

  34. What do you think about Templar DAO? Just locked 2 weeks ago and it’s staying somewhat stable on BSC. I really want to go all in on it.

  35. Nice video Jeff! Can you or anyone advise the best way to find these extremely high APY staking projects?

  36. Hi Jeff! Thanks for the video, very illustrative. My question is regarding sHEC…is it possible to convert it to another token? If so, which exchanges will you use?

  37. Can anyone tell me for HEC why I’m stuck with ‘Warm Up Details’ & I get a ‘Claim’ button please? I staked 10 HEC but seeing no sHEC in the normal investment panel.

  38. Great content! Thank you for explaining this topic so we’ll.
    One question…. I staked some HEC yesterday. Am I grandfathered into the APY when I staked, or will my investment be subject to APY fluctuations?