Elrond – EGLD Coin

Adding Liquidity with EGLD and LKMEX

In this short, we will show you how to add liquidity on #Maiar Exchange with #EGLD and locked #MEX, and then stake the EGLD-MEX LP tokens in the EGLD-MEX farm. Although we are using normal $MEX in this tutorial, you will perform the actions in this video using $LKMEX. The process is almost identical, and we are going guide you step by step.

📒 Chapters:
00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Add Liquidity in EGLD-MEX pool
02:28 – Farm (Stake EGLD-MEX LP token in EGLD-MEX farm)
03:59 – Unstake LP tokens & Remove Liquidity
05:00 – Outro

⚠️ Never show your Secret Phrase to anyone, it is the key to your wallet. Back it up and keep it safe.

🔹 Find us here:
🔗 Website: https://carpathianstake.com/
🔗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarpathianStake
🔗 Telegram: https://t.me/carpathianstake_group
🔗 Telegram 🇷🇴: https://t.me/CarpathianStakeRO
🔗 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carpathianstake.international
🔗 Medium: https://carpathianstake.medium.com/

🔹 Elrond official links:
🔗 Website: https://elrond.com/
🔗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondNetwork
🔗 Telegram: https://t.me/ElrondNetwork
🔗 Maiar Exchange Telegram: https://t.me/MaiarExchange
🔗 All official links: https://linktr.ee/elrond

⛰️ Abous us:

We are your partner for simplified staking on the Elrond Blockchain.

Carpathian Stake is a team of experienced developers and blockchain enthusiasts who develop decentralized applications and passionately believe that staking should be simple.

By focusing only on the Elrond blockchain we aim to be go-to partner for eGLD staking.

No technical skills, no servers. No problem.


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  1. Great animations! I’m a Motion Graphics Designer myself and love to see these! If you’re ever in need of more animators, hit me up! Cheers!

  2. Ufff, first understood :) Please do same explain for other farming steps with egld pairs n options.

  3. Many thanks for this Maiar Exchange tutorial! Added earlier liquidity with EGLD and LKMEX and farmed it. Great work team! #BTC #EGLD #MEX

  4. Hello, could anyone explain me one thing i dont understand please. All of MEX tokens are locked and first 10 % are gonna be unlocked one month after dex launch – which means in December. Does it mean that since launch of dex on 19th November no one will be able to sell? But i assume you can buy since farming starts that day. Does it mean that you will simply be able buy tokens from the pool but no one will be able to sell? And if thats true, are gonna be bought mex tokens from the pool unlocked?

  5. So if we start adding liquidity / farming today we get backdated reward payment too when the rewards are unlocked on the 19th

  6. Awesome vid. Thank you.
    Any chance to see a comparison between rewards/risks of normal staking of Egold vs farming Egold/MEX?

  7. Hello, I have egld stake on you on Maiar. I don’t want to unstake, just want to stake my LKMEX. I can stake them directly, without adding liquidity? Many thanks!

  8. Sorry but I received lkmex, but then i don’t understand how to have or buy mex (unlocked) to take in the pool with egld like in your video, when I am in “add liquidity” i’ve got my number of lkmex but 0(zero) MEX, so what can i do to have mex to place in the pool?

  9. Hello, why I get this when I sign LKMEX into farm: Rejected by user.. ? I have LKMEX and I confirmed it via app in mobile… Also try all slippage percentage

  10. I’m so excited for Friday! I’m still a little confused about MEX and LKMEX though. On Friday we will only be able to swap for MEX, correct? And LKMEX is something that early EGLD stakers got for free? So there will be no more LKMEX? Thank you!

  11. I find it disturbing that you do not warn about, or even mention, the risks of impermanent loss to the community in this video

  12. Anyone having issues providing liquidity with lkmex via iOS and Maiar? I performed the steps in the vid and sign and approve but it never gets added to liquidity on the exchange.

    Edit: user error. Really impressed with the UX.

  13. can you harvest while staked without affecting anything? And if yo uharvest, is this added to your principal for more yield?

  14. Dude just payed the fee to get in then out just to show us how it’s done. Thanks!

  15. What means locked mex?can i withdraw them and change in egld or usdc after?qnd can i send it to my elrond web wallet

  16. This is a very helpful video. I have one question about unstaking the tokens liquidity. Let’s say I staked a liquidity at .5, if eGLD value increase does the value of LP increase as well? Basically it seems like it is possble to receive back less eGLD than you put in if the price of eGLD increases. I understand the value of the position is not changing but the # of eGLD tokens I would have is. Can you confirm?

  17. If I lock my rewards for a 1400% APY, will it still be 1400% if tomorrow then interest for locked rewards goes down ?

  18. I was playing around with this yesterday and it’s pretty awesome. I’m no to familiar with the LP process but this is intriguing with such high apy. Question I have is, how can I provide liquidity for the engold-usdc pair. How do I get an erc 20 token in my Elrond wallet?