Advanced Delta Neutral Yield Farming Part 1 l Leveraged Yield Farming

In this video I go over a simple delta neutral yield farming strategy that is yielding over 2000% APY.

How to do it.
1) Deposit USDC into Tulip or Francium
2) Choose a pair to farm (XXX-USDC)
3) Start farming by borrowing XXX at 2x leverage
4) Profit

You must be aware of the risks when doing this:
-It is not a truly delta neutral strategy, you can still get liquidated on longer time frames if prices drops massively
-Using this strategy on new IDOs or meme coins is extremely risky
-If you are bullish this project, it wont be worth your time doing this strategy

This video is purely educational and not financial advice what so ever…

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  1. Nice, you have some really informative videos keep it going.

    Do you happen to have any videos or info on UXDP or UXD? I think it’s one of the first algorithmically delta neutral stable coins on Solana. I bought into the IDO but basically know nothing about them .

  2. This is the first part of a 3 part series I’m releasing this weekend. Stay tuned for the other parts..

  3. Hey this is really interesting and exactly what I was looking for. However I’m curious if this is actually delta neutral. Since you have borrowed Atlas on both platforms you have effectively shorted Atlas twice here, which means you will get rekt if it’s price goes up am I correct? Shouldn’t you be borrowing Atlas in one and USDC in the other?

  4. On the bigger pairs you can take a perpetual futures short position on FTX and therefore also collect the funding fee.

  5. Didn’t you only go LONG in this video?
    Aren’t you supposed to go SHORT as well?

  6. This is eye opening. I didn’t even think to consider borrowing the other asset vs borrowing USDC. But this makes so much sense. Since your leverage is based on the borrowed volatile asset, the more it drops, the less you owe in dollar value.

  7. this isnt really delta neutral since it still depends on the price of the assets
    it gives you more protection if the price falls but also less upside if it rises, and if it really rises you get into liquidation territory rather than just having huge gains
    what would happen if you open 2 positions and borrow the stable coin on one and the volatile asset on the other., guess there isnt a tool to easily simulate that
    is there a way to see what would happen if the apy drops? since that is almost guaranteed

  8. Thanks for the explanation! If the price changes significantly, does it make sense to close the position and reopen at the current price with the adjusted parameters to stay within the delta neutral area?