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Affinity Listing On SafeMoon SWAP!

Another crypto project is getting listed on SafeMoon SWAP! This one by the name Affinity.

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  1. When SFM exchange will become a reality, it will be a heaven for reflection and other special tokenomics projects.

  2. Congrats to Affinity! I bought more after the announcement. Get it while the MC is well below 100 M.

  3. if you hold affinity on TW , once its listed on safemoon wallet, will tokens automatically show up on the safemoon wallet, thanks

  4. Drip has paid out almost 1billion in usd in rewards!!! Talk about this in next drip video.

    Also I live in LA would love to meet up if your ever up for it

  5. Does affinity s swap work? Been trying to buy for 3 days can’t get it to work, connected to trust