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Airbnb (ABNB) IPO And Roblox IPO – Buying Opportunity to Make Money? My Thoughts On These Stocks

I am most definitely not a financial advisor but I realize that gamers need to hear how to be financially free! Here, I talk about some anticipated IPOs, AirBNB (ABNB) and Roblox! As always, let me know what you think!

Invest at your own risk and recognize that I am not a financial advisor. Any money you put into the stock market can be lost, only invest money that you are willing to lose and consult an advisor before doing so. Please be careful when investing!

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  1. Defineyly gonna pick up airbnb right away and sell slowly as is it pops off.

  2. I like your game plan on the ABNB as well. I think I might be doing the same lol, and yeah keep a bit or sell all depending on how bad is the pull back. Have you had any experience on this before, as in, how long in days or weeks do IPO usually run up before crashing back down? Also another question for your (not relevant to this video) but since I’m pretty new to SPAC as well, when do you think should we sell (to what x dollar) our GIK stock before it’s crashing back down and if you are planning to keep some long term? SBE I am planning to keep long term but not really confident about GIK.