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ALGORAND (ALGO) Governance Vote Results and Resistance Breakout Predictions!!!

In this video, we’re covering the governance vote and what the results are slotted to be. Additionally, we’ll look at the recent resistance smash from the HUGE resistance level up to $2.10 and discuss why the Algorand ALGO crypto price chart has a LOT of bullish things going for it. There’s a LOT to analyze with the longer-term ALGORAND ALGO cryptocurrency price prediction and chart, so we will analyze those levels and what some bullish future setups and breakouts could potentially end up looking like and why.

Are you bullish on Algorand? Happy about the election results? Post your thoughts and comments down below!!!

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  1. I voted for B. I did so because i have no plans on pulling out. And how hard is it to vote once in a while?
    i cant understand why anyone would want less rewards.
    Stupid uncommitted cowards who think they will be to stupid to vote and will lose rewards for pulling out early.
    to sell early? why? are you that broke? or do you just want to have a pile of cash to hide under your mattress?
    makes me mad.

  2. I think it’s time to convert all eth to algo as it might touch 5 dollars

  3. algo is joke coin…so many news and technology of the future and no price action… i invested in this project when market cap was 600 millions and now it is over 10 billions and made 4x…joke

  4. *The market will be very Favourable now due to the rapid growth of Bitcoin which is $64k, The rich won’t disclose it so don’t be fooled, it’s right time to invest, Christmas is on the way!!*

  5. Algo will go to 8-12$ while all market will go down… same as ontology did in 2018.. buy algo or move to algo now!!

  6. cex governors were always going to vote option a, it would be impossible for them to commit a stake, have their algo in custody bought and withdrawn, and then paying a 8% penalty