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ALGORAND (ALGO) IS THE NEXT SOLANA!! (Urgent 50X Prediction)

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Algorand is a self-sustaining, decentralized, blockchain-based network that supports a wide range of applications. These systems are secure, scalable and efficient, all critical properties for effective applications in the real world. Algorand will support computations that require reliable performance guarantees to create new forms of trust.

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The Algorand mainnet became live in June 2019, and was able to handle almost 1 million transactions per day as of December 2020. Algorand transaction metrics can be viewed here. Algorand initial coin offering (ICO) was held in June 2019, with the Algorand price of $2.4 per token.

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  1. He just spekelates… his videos are getting random and annoying that im unsubscribing. FFS… stop bullshittingnpeople with GUESSING ATH for all these random coins

  2. Algo current MARKET CAP is $10B, at the current price is $1.7. If it needs to become $100, the MARKET CAP needs to touch $730B. Which is actually not possible within 1-2 years

  3. Nice content, man. But Algorand won’t be the next Solana IMO. It will be much more than that. We are tired of the traditional regime and the hierarchy associated with it. That’s why I don’t like Solana’s centralized approach, even though it’s a solid L1. Algorand is like a much better version of it.

  4. Algorand will never be close to SOL, BIT or any other high valued crypto.. Stop trying to scam people into thinking otherwise. This world has far to many pieces of shit, we really don’t need you to join them, try honesty.. it actually works

  5. 100$ In the future sure, but within a few months😅🤣. May I please have some of the hopium that you are snorting

  6. The truth is , theres no other like Algorand and we dont know how high the price will go next but with a good token like Algo there’s no telling how high the price can go. $100 is not out of the question, it can do that in a day. It’s going places for sure and on a worldwide scale so you see it can go that high and beyond but the question is when. I’m all about Algorand. Algorand being the future of finance isnt far fetched.