Andre Jikh Explains OMI PERFECTLY! (Sold Bitcoin For ECOMI ‘s Better ROI) 10 Cent Price Prediction

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  1. I’m glad to have Andre Jikh in the VeVe Fam ⭕️🍍🙏🏾

  2. I sold my Bitcoin ETH and ADA to get my OMI bag
    Time will tell
    Best of luck everyone ☘️☘️☘️ keep up the great videos man

  3. OMI is a Monster!!! So glad I found a investment that I understand and use, I really see the different utility uses for this token! Very excited!!! Very Bullish!!!

  4. Bro thank you for not ranting like other guys and dragging a simple video into 30 min . We like that quick to the point info on ⭕️ 👍

  5. Thats why no exchanges for now, they will wait for founders unlock, or possibly, wait till they announce Pokemon (fingers crossed) and then move to new exchanges, imo.

  6. I take back everything negative I ever said about my boy Andre 😂 🍍 💪

  7. LFG!!!!! I’m perma hyped these days. I find myself walking around with a grin just knowing I got a bag of omi and some of the first ip nfts.

  8. I was reading through the comments on his video and lots of people still skeptical and salty. Still early and time to fill up our bags even more!!

  9. Hey 🍍! Did you know that if you combine the Mickey and friends with Steamboat, you can make Mickey whistle?
    I was thinking of selling M&F, but then realized this

  10. Great vid bro. How do I join the omi utility program. I wouldn’t mind staking some of my bag. How do I get started?

  11. For someone who has an expensive paid group you would think he knows the 6% Disney tax! 🤦‍♂️

    Besides that great video! OMI is a sleeping GIANT!!!

  12. Great video thank you!! One of my friends are just joining now, what would you do with $500 right now? Spend on collectibles or invest in omi, a little of both? Thanks a lot!

  13. Super happy we have Andre Jikh to eloquently explain this ⭕️ phenomenon,
    and this is exactly where everything will work out to benefit everyone that believed in this amazing project early and also today. So lucky that we are . “Still so early” , I feel that as soon as OMI is listed on any new exchange, it benefit all the good holders and everyone watching and rooting for us to win. I feel we just need to sincerely thank The Entire VEVE , Ecomi team & family every influencer 💡 for these enormous accomplishments. Thank you whole heartedly. Part One , Let’s gooooooo

  14. Andrei got me into omi in November and after ab a month and a half I traded the rest of my bitcoin for it💪🏼⭕️

  15. Man. We are all OMI homies on here and we all saw Jihks video. That’s why I don’t like reaction videos. I already saw it. But if this video was you just talking about Jihks video, it would be better.

  16. No crypto Holdler in the world ever lost money because they only sell while in profits.

  17. wow so 100 percent of the land sell will be burnt from circulating supply

  18. Won’t founder unlocks decrease the price if they sell ,say 20%, of their bags.

  19. In light Of The Fact That There Has Been So Many Articles Blaming Elon Musk For Crashing The Price Of Bitcoin Because Of Its Alleged “Environmental” impact:
    Does Anyone know why “Elon Musk” has never mentioned the “Carbon Neutral” crypto OMI, if it was the 2nd Best Performing Crypto In 2021?