Anonymous message For hedge fund criminal Ken Griffin

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  1. Most people in the comments don’t realize that the entire financial structure is about to be upended. Exceptional concept @anonymous 👌 I look forward to this.

  2. it’s proves nothing. Anybody can buy bitcoins. Did The fake Anonymous say that? I wonder why? Maybe because she knows Anonymous followers come get excited with made believe. Anonymous should be talking about why Joe Biden is illegally letting illegal immigrants. Why inflation went up, why dark money is rising, and why dark money is passed by cartels and terrists. Because that’s why Elon musk supports bitcoin to stop the dark money and giving cartel and Terriosts money and why joe is working with taliban. That’s what anonymous should be talking about. And why anonymous targets Fox News who give out these news. Because anonymous is part of the dark money so drugs and violence can occur. Total opposite of V for Vendetta.

  3. I really do like it when anonymous puts out videos like this. I wish they would be more regularly.

  4. We’ve been figthing this for over A YEAR now.
    yes, the police of wallstreet is involved.
    yes, every news channel you watch is involved.
    yes, there is a way to fight it
    yes, we are winning.

  5. I love the message and hope Ken gets fucked, but it seems like anonymous has become more of a news and opinions channel and don’t really do much to disrupt the criminal/unethical activities they talk about. (Although I’m not suggesting they do).

  6. Rockets from Finland! Holdin until wrong is made right. And adding from every paycheck. I was in at ten. Not selling at 70. Now going back towards ten. Gonna still buy more from every paycheck. Removing the buy button and shorting it in every possible and impossible way does not change anything. This is the lotteryticket I never bought, We go to moon and I can retire and go fishing and snowmobile for the rest of my life or keep doing work and do these hobbies on my sparetime as Adam Aaron is making us proud of this company. And I keep buying 2000€ more every month till i don’t need to buy more. I got nothing to loose. Im gonna keep this up as long as they want. My life is not gonna change if I sell. But if I hold………

  7. Yolo baby get while the getting is good! Fortunes are about to be ruined and made in the next 8 months

  8. Imagine taking down okta servers and citadel employees can’t access their markets. I wonder how the stock market would behave and see what type of market manipulation would cease.

  9. Can you please target the indian Gouvernment as well. They have been taxing us heavily on everything, and there is no good use of money any where. We have the shitiest roads and everythibg shity. They just robbing us. Just yesterday they started taxing crypto income at 30% including 1% for every transaction. They just stealing from us and we are not able to do anything bout it. PLEASE HELP!, i dont feel safe in tbis country.

  10. Thank you Anonymous, you are our citizens life saver, god bless you, please warn Indian corrupted politicians, they’re looting public tax..etc please help my Indian innocent people ❤️

  11. True anonymous video hats off to all involved. Much love family keep fighting for Anonymous

  12. One shouldn’t blame the results but rather the source of the problem itself. And not just blame but endeavor to solve it entirely. I see strength and the will to sacrifice yourselves for the sake of what’s right. You chose a path of a warrior. Thank you. If there’s anything I can do as an insignificant random stranger on the internet, please let me know.

  13. we need to make change for the good of humanity or we will fall and our people will live in a dystopian cube but no our sprits whould never give up and that is why we need people like you and when i say fuck the goverment i dont mean the old goverment i mean the shit show that is the cruropt tryanical twised goverment we have today 2+2 = 4 for the people well give you fredom 1+1 is 2 tow the people i will give you freedom. thank you

  14. apparently a document warehouse has burnt down and Ken Griffin has flown out of the country. I think he is trying to escape justice…

  15. You point out many things to us 🇺🇸 citizens..Why didn’t you do anything about the stolen election back in 2020..I’m angry with you for not doing or say anything..Crying 😢

  16. Look into coinbase they stile millions from its customers and nobody willing to help us fbi sec ftc news media goverment official nobody all they say is we will lose coinbase has to much money we are screwed ha ing a billion dollar companny stepping on a little guy

  17. i hope you dont keep on mistaken ourgov with stuff like trouble there is enough bad from u anonymous please tone it down.

  18. Buy Amc and Gme stock for life changing money and join the battle against wallstreet

  19. Hey anonymous can you expose the Illuminati community and some of the celebrities that have souls their soul and explain why there is a Illuminati sign on a dollar bill can you just expose Illuminati

  20. Have a doubt What after you guys age out.There will be no one to look after us. Another thing is that our politicians are so corrupt in INDIA that people are ending up following them. I think most of our politicians may be richest persons than among the top richest people.

  21. I feel like anonymous are now trying to push another shitcoin. They should be working on bitcoin instead