Answering Top Questions about Saitamask delays.

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Saitamask Developer AMA 1/28/2022

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  1. Who is selling will be back buying in a higher price with less coins , with a lot tears

  2. Good evening, Dean. Nice to have the nightly update with all that’s going on right now.

  3. Sent $$$ 24hrs ago…hasn’t shown up yet….WTF. App was “tested & ready” in Nov…

  4. Dean – have you tried pressing the pie-graph icon and then scrolling down?

  5. Anyone else have “failed” swaps with “pending” txhash and fees taken from your eth balance?

  6. Oh man, this price action is daunting, just can’t hold a decent price with so much sell off.

  7. I wish they would put out a tutorial to show how to go through everything

  8. Gday Dean i would like to see you and crypto Deb again on ytube discussing Saitama , with yous there is no hype just honest opinions , and I like your ledger vids ,keep up the good work

  9. It’s the same if you mention Metamask on Twitter. When I talk about Metamask on Twitter I put ‘Meta Mask’ and it appears to stop the bot comments for that key word.

  10. also everyone don’t know how to find cache in their devices to totally delete saitamask out device after Uninstalling app.i know to go to files and type cache and it will show caches with dates.just find the one where you downloaded saitamask and delete.

  11. a website version is the answer then everyone can access. no need to worry about phones

  12. thanks for making the price tank again , they keep on promising but cant deliver it. such a disappointment !

  13. I been trying to tell people on Twitter today to don’t trust any saitama support or dev pages on Twitter. when I leave a comment I will get a like from a inusaitamadev page or a saitama support page and some will say if I have questions respond. I bet hundreds or more been getting scammed

  14. Thanks Dean, much appreciated video 😁👍🐺🚀 let’s go wolf pack 🚀

  15. seems safemoon has the same issues with fake Twitter pages.i alerted them just now.

  16. Hi Dean the question I have has to do with the slippage. I’m not that familiar with it and would like to know what is the best slippage to optimize the transaction for Lilly or any other coin once they allow swaps and the other coins come online.

  17. Dean you are a decent content provider. A Saitamask hodler but definitely not a shill. Keep up the honesty

  18. FEELS like a really long and “hey they keep depositing” rug pull.. I’d stop at least depositing losses that they gonna skim for ya.. i’d wait. I’m still hodl’n since forever, but refuse to line their pocket books over what feels bad

  19. I like your goal of helping saitama community reach 1M wallets. It is very unselfish of you. Thank you

  20. When it comes down to brass tacks, Saitamask has been a total disaster. The price on your screen of .000000025817 we all expected to see one less zero by now… I am still holding this is quickly becoming a broken record… Earlier today all 100 of the top currencies were in the green while Saitama was down over 16%