Are you Thinking About Buying Your BSCPad Membership? Can You Get It At An Absolute DISCOUNT?

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In todays video we take a look at the Launchpad BSCPad. I know many of you are contemplating buying your memberships to participate in the lucrative IDO’s

Using Elliot wave and Fibonacci Theory can we identify the best time to buy so you can get your membership at an absolute steal!

Time stamps ⏱
0:00 Intro
0:45 BSCPad Memberships
3:17 Bitcoin Recap
4:11 BSCPad Technical analysis
8:06 Price + Time
14:10 Upcoming Projects
19:05 Quote of the Day

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  1. Youtube memberships will be good. I signed up for your course but not sure where to find the Telegram link. Is there one?

  2. Once again an excellent video!
    I would sign up for anything at your channel – lives or membership. I like to take membership at an early stage, Jagir, just like BSCPAD token deep discount lol.

    Don’t you think that KCCPAD will also see price correction and as you say that this provides more bang for your buck. So, why not KCCPAD?

  3. Thinking of buying membership in Bronze tier for Velaspad. Do you think Bronze membership will qualify?

  4. I see so many more projects on BSCPAD, so don’t you think that RoI wise this is much better than KCC/ETH/TRON?

    Also, how much allocation did the Platinum members got for ADAPAD? Thanks Bro!

  5. Thanks sir, very informative. IMO private membership sounds good to me, may not be able to catch the live stream.

  6. Thank you verry Munch for your usefull video. I want to buy additional 940 BSCPAD To reach Bronze membership. Please let me know the best time to buy IT. Have a nice day. Thanks

  7. Love your content. Think you should cover more BTC, especially in the market now. If BTC falls to 30k area, all tokens will follow.

  8. Hey I’m gonna buy Diamond membership can you tell me what the advantages of it please.

  9. Jagir, I want to participate in my first IDO with VelasPad. Should I have BSC ready and purchase by connecting my wallet through the BSCPad website? Do i need a BSCPad membership to do this? Can you clarify the process

  10. Your on point mate made a 3x on my bsc pad and made on the new projects thanks mate

  11. Yes please to YouTube live!

    btw the ADAPAD IDO and listing is going very well for me all thanks to your tips.

  12. I really love what you do and you are one of best of the best . and saying thanks is less what you deserved . Mr.Jagir i have only one request is analysis TronPad .please and thanks again

  13. I like your videos Jagir however unless you in diamond or above you do not profit much from the allocations. You will make the money you invest in each allocation if you sell on launch however I am yet to see a large profit/s at Platinum level that will cover the amount I had to invest to be at the Platinum level.

  14. Yes to YouTube live , I cannot believe how come you have so less subscribers for the content you produce. You have one of the best content among all youtubers in crypto.
    Wen ppl start knowing you , I can see you in the top crypto youtubers .
    Love your work.

  15. Hey Jagir i saw when i stake my adas on adapad i get a 278% APY. Can that be True? Is there any hook? Any things to know? Or is the only thing the fee if i unstake it less than 8 weeks?

  16. Hello again sir – Vellas launch pad is now on bscPad as a public presale – does it mean we can participate without bscPad membership?

  17. Hi Jagir, love your work sir! A question about kccpad: Currently about 95% of the tokens are in 1 wallet. Wouldn’t you say this makes a rug pull easier? The reason im asking is that I consider to buy in to participate in ido’s. Thanks for taking the time to answer and have a great day.

  18. It does not matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop. Great quote ❤️

  19. I tried to get into the IDO for adapad last week but it failed because of the KYC. Staked 5000 BSCBAD, then tried to pull them out right away but they have a 7 day hold. Bought at $1.88 now when they released the token it dropped to $1.16 😩I hope the price goes up again! Would you recommend just staking again for now?? I am a dual citizen and should have used my european credentials but didn’t realize i would run into a problem with using my american ID, now they are not letting me re-apply for my KYC so not sure what to do 🤯

  20. i accumulate bscpad token and my average price is $1.13

    Bscpad token price keep falling.
    So what you suggest.
    should i exist or stake my coins to enjoy ido’s.

    im afraid if whole market dump.
    bscpad will be around $0.3
    im hoding huge amount of token.and it will be a bigger loss.

    Price can be stable if team put some taxes on selling and buying.
    I can see allot of traders jump in and they manipulate price.Prices go higher before ido.when people stake they dump.
    same happen with kccpad.

  21. Hi Jagir I was thinking about going diamond tier on bsc pad. What are your thoughts? I am not sure of the allocations at this level? That’s my main concern. How many tokens do they give you in percentage at that level?? There is no info about it that I can find anywhere. Thanks for your help

  22. Jagir is quite simply the best! He is the math teacher I wish I had when I was ‘learning’ math at school.