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Ask Me Anything – Ikura, Saitama, Shiba, Jedstar, Klee, and More!

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  1. How do you get the 2% from saitama do you have to have it in a pool I have saitama but I haven’t seen it yet and I have had it for about a month. I have about 27 billion.

  2. Hey Adam, have you heard of either Archangel token or Beach token? Beach has a pretty cool purpose. I believe it helps keep the oceans clean of debris! 😃 healthy environmental benefits! Would you look into these? They’re very new maybe a month old. Already on coin market and coin getco

  3. Sup! It’s Cactus Crypto. Still trying to keep up with ya. Not getting into Ikura but check out Sanshu Inu. Picked up 5 Trill and it’s on the rise.. good project! 😎

  4. Saitama on Bitmart- Russ from Saitama just did and interview with CuffinDaDip. He said the delay is on Bitmart side and should be completed within a day or 2.

  5. Hi Adam, what is your thoughts Charizard Inu please. Thank you in advance.