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  1. I bought Shiryo-Inu yesterday and it’s up 257% in 24 hours 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🙏🏽 Adam look into that one.

  2. Ahh man I had a question for you and I missed it! LBANK exchange .. why does it say that it doesn’t allow US and China users when you try to sign up. Pops with that warning.

  3. Adam!! Thanks for the reply. My question is how many coins will gamers earn on these different P2E games

  4. Bunny zilla , how’s that coin….I am from India new to crypto have been following u and making profits , Thanks Man.

  5. Missed it bro, but I got 400 billion Wolverine buy another 500 billion later..that ETH though. LOL

  6. Dude, no need to explain yaself…….if folks get into the space and they want to be none as a scammer……then that’s on them, you got celebs hawking Cadillacs and drive porsche..yall need to relax..

  7. what’s up Adam! love your video’s and transparency.
    Would Wolverine inu be a copyright infringement?

  8. Hi Adam watched your AMA yesterday bought a few trillion Wolverinu 🙂
    Devs seem young but honest and welling to answer all questions.
    Some rumors of a scam is being put out there’s a yon world video it appears to be a business deal gone wrong 1:30 mins to
    3 :16 mins (devs contacted yon for a promotional video yon agree for a $250 fee but only received $160 ) please review as most of us out here have Trust you 💕

  9. Loaded up on trillions of wolverinu but the total fees/gas cost me almost $700… need to drop those zeros!!!