Avalanche & Polygon Matic: yield farming update & IDO launchpads

Weekly Matic Polygon & Avalanche yield farming / investment update:
– 00:00 Introduction
– 00:15 Protfi: what I did wrong
– 02:06 Delirium farm: launching today
– 02:44 Qi-Dao: cross chain borrwing at 0%
– 03:52 Geist: get paid to borrow
– 05:27 Meso Finance: my Fantom pick of the week
– 06:15 IceSlush Finance: my Avalanche pick of the week
– 07:42 GPOOL: my first experience
– 08:51 MoonEdge: a Polygon launchpad
– 09:32 Kawai Island IDO

I am expanding the weekly update video from polygon matic farming to different networks and other investments such as IDO launches.

First up: farm of the week will be the Despair layer over at Sandman Finance, next matic fan boys should take a look at MoonEdge, a native IDO launcpad with guaranteed allocation and last but not least: Kawai Island, a new blockchain game launching it’s native token next week.

Exit farms: Collar Polypup, Protofi
Enter: Geist Finance, Despair layer

Useful links:
– Despair layer (Sandman Finance) : https://app.despair.sandman.finance/
– Protofi: https://bank.protofi.app/bfarms
– Geist: https://geist.finance/
– Meso Finance: https://rugdoc.io/project/meso-finance-fantom/
– Slush Finance: https://rugdoc.io/project/iceslush-finance/
– Kawai Island: https://kawaii.global/
– Gpool: https://gpool.app/
– MoonEdge: https://moonedge.finance/#/
– Vfat.tools: https://vfat.tools/
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/InvestorBren
– Ledger: https://shop.ledger.com/?r=9d56344c18fc

#yieldfarming #polygonmatic #fantom #avalanche

Let’s get on that crypto train!


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  1. I don’t understand…so you talking about pools/farms that you invest in and then make ££? Or you borrow? If you have video with more detailed explanation please? How much you invest/borrow , depending on what farm/pool, depending on TVL (probably a volume?). This is very confusing… I wonder how is it possible to borrow to invest to auto farming??? I am nowhere…can you use as well simple language when explaining? Those as well locking /earning while keeping those crypto safe?… you’ve lost me 🤯

  2. Yes more vids, diversified topics is fine.
    Defi main, but general investment within the crypto space, I’ll watch it.

  3. Yes please, i absolutely love your farms, your explanations and your summaries. Really good work, thank you !

  4. Always beware 24hr timelock, its meaningless unless someone actually monitors the transactions. All it provides is false sense of security, its more of a red flag for me than anything else #CP3R :D