Axie Infinity – AXS Token

AXS Coin Is Done! Bye-Bye $166 😲 Axie Infinity Shard Update

AXS coin topped at 166 dollars in November, which was around the time when the staking program was launched. In this video, I will explain why I don’t think AXS crypto will ever recover.

So if you want to know the future of Axie infinity economy, and AXS price forecast, make sure to watch this video

The content in this video is my personal view and not financial advice. This information is found publicly on the internet. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions. I’m not a financial advisor.

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  1. You said before few weeks it will be around 1K per coin at the end of 2022 lol…

  2. Not only axs allcoins r dumping due to btc …it will pump again ..just wait nd stake

  3. Thanks buddy…always waiting for your videos…can we have some gems to hold for a year for good gains

  4. Great job mate ♥️♥️Any new coins you recommend for 2022? A top 10 list would be helpful based on tokenomics

  5. gala down 75% illuvium down 67% sandbox down 52% almost all play to earn tokens are down more than 50% from their all time highs

  6. Yeah I thought about one month ago Axie Infinity is done. Main reason the dev’s allowed the economy to rot. Action is being taken now as the dev’s are paid in AXS. If Axs was high, these updates coming in 1st would have been released late 2nd qrt. With the updates coming any possibility of a small pump to 2 cents for slp ?

  7. Ok,so this is what youre saying…
    Lets say youv now have10 AXS. Price around 50. Current total 500 dollars.
    In one year price goes to 100 dollars. Staking APR is 89% atm. This is 150+% APY if you compound manually every 24h. Lets stick to 150%.
    That means in 1 year you will have 25 AXS x 100 is 2500 dollars
    Thats a 5x!!

    Forget ath, I know it will never get there again. But you can still make a lot of money!

    Btw, I know that 100 dollar mark will pbl come earlier then 1 year from now. I will pbl sell half my AXS then. Keep the rest to compound evrry 24h

  8. Great content, I subscribed once I saw your SLP prediction came true. However, i’m curious, you mentioned that AXS value would drop because of bad tokenomics + increase in supply overtime starting this year. What would you have suggested in the first place before the tokenomics was released or finalized to have a better outcome?

    This would help the community look at tokenomics in a deeper perspective.

  9. I’m an axie infinity player. axs issuance is needed to supply the demand for utilities on incoming game modes just like he said the battles v3 and land.

    you can say players are leaving but i can say more players are staying and believing to the project.

    People that are hating on twitter are those who bought tokens from all time high who lost their investment. No knowledge of basic buy low sell high. Myself is included. I but at ATH but I learned.

  10. First of all no Metter what you say, if bitcoin pumps hard to 100k, you will see axs more than 200 per coin…

  11. What a load of shit, there is still money to be made, just buy and stake if value rises to 100 even that is still huge profits for people, axis staking is pretty good I’ve just bought another 20 axis and put straight back into staking even if price did drop the profits from staking alone prevent a loss and still profit regardless, people panic and sell all the time, bitcoin is down once the market gains traction again you watch axis rise to highs again.

  12. all the market is down and you decide
    to bully axs? …. why? who is behind you?

  13. Axs could literally be a meme coin with no utility and it would pump and revisit its ath just by being an alt in the top 50 largest market caps if btc does the same again. And you say it could be worth less than 10 bucks even if it doesnt go away lol i mean yeah if bitcoin tanks to 10k maybe, otherwise all the people hodling because of the the staking rewards wont let the price dump like that

  14. yeah i think it’s time waste, bcs it used to be like a crypto treasure but now as many people have discovered it and the numbers of players is rising so it will crush and it’s no longer an investment

  15. Simple if Devs make AXS need only 1/4 of the token to breed new axies the kt will quadruple in price just like when ot rose from
    80 dollars to 160 dollars because you need less axs to breed new axies

  16. This man here 👆🏻👆🏻 has restored my slp coin sent to a wrong wallet address back to my wallet I’m so happy 🥰

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  18. This dude 👆🏻👆🏻 has helped me recover my Axie that was gifted to a wrong address thanks for recommending him he saved my life 💯

  19. Yes you are true for now if SM dont do anything it will happen as u said.
    I can still can see huge potential in axie they have strong community and player base , means they can easy recover or they can also die easier..

    Im still waiting for origin and land gameplay i still think both are game changer.
    But if it still failed , im taking out all my investment in axie..

    And also RON will succed if SM can fix this problem , if no why should they become the biggest p2earn game in crypto?

    Wait and see for this year is still a good move for axie…

  20. You do not understand anything. Axie is still an alpha version game. I think the team has reaccioned late, bur is improving the economy. The game is not dead because the main game is not working at all. Keep calm and wait.