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BABY doge coin $18.7 million Burning | Baby dogecoin News | Baby dogecoin price analysis

Dogecoin is one of most popular Cryptocurrencies of crypto market in meme category , Elon musk try to pump it once a week once he said i will get dogecoin a world currency with value of 1 dollar it is dogecoin price prediction is that it will hit 1 dollar end of year, Here I am introducing a new meme coin crypto project named Baby doge they claim that they wanna show the father of babydoge a fastest transactions speed, these days crypto market is in sideways but recently a tweet by Elin Musk pumped the price of baby doge and it been popular all over the world
In this video I shared baby dogecoin website and review the roadmap and new announcement about their wallet , exchange and debit card launching including white paper and tokenomics by baby dogecoin developers
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Disclaimer : I am not a financial adviser , I only shared my own experiences about trading ,if you are interested to invest in Crypto I will be not liable for your profits and Losses .


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  1. 30% tax exchange se hi katega ya bank se please reply do bhai main tanshan me hun please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Bhai one year ke hold karke rakho….3 to 4 zero kill honge for sure ….jo soch rahe hai ki raato raat 4 zero kill ho jayenge….wo plz buy na kare koi bhi crypto….its take time…..🙏🙏💐

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  4. Aijaz Brother I have a question.
    Metamarks wallet and Trust wallet which one is good?????
    Please don’t forget to answer please.

  5. Abe chutiye bhadu promotional video banata hai logon ka pesa faswata hai mem coin me buff doge justice inu or bhi kai

  6. Bhai 4.8 Quadtrillion agar supply hain b par logo k pass b to zyda hain na kam paise mei bht tokens aate hain…so in some case it is better than shiba

  7. become billionaire…Shintama new coin has been launched on hotbit today .. it is combination of two coins shinja and satima.. so hurry up . Price is creasing… Hold it minimum 2 months before 30% tax levied by modi governments.. sale it

  8. bhai Bit coin ki history utha ke daikh lo… year 90 lakh ka price prediction hai bitcoin ka …..aur saare coin bit coin ko hee follow karte hai…..aise market crash toh naa jaane kitni baar aayenge….have some patitence….just hold and forget for one year..🙏🙏

  9. ☝️☝️Phone miners k liay zabardast he ye bhee, acha mining rate de rahay hen ye bhee. ☝️ Also Baby Doge to the Moon. 😊😊

  10. I have invested 2 lakh rupees in babydoge coin.I am sure it will list on binance soon and other 100 exchange are listing soon like it wazirx. #Babydoge will be next shiba mark my words it will kill 3-4+ zeroes soon

  11. Baby is useless token ever as per supply buff is DA better option to said for killing zeros

  12. better buy dogecat coin this new coin will make you a millionaire soon 🏦🚀🚀🔥

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