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Back In Florida – Saitama AMA Coming UP

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  1. Que pensez-vous de la monnaie Sheba à la fin de l’année, quel en sera le prix ?

  2. I’ve been in Daytona beach 5 years ago doing some surfing, great place to live in!!

  3. Scamtama, im a Doctor cant wait to be paid in this coin Ha great game btw, my infant may play it.. i think somones being played… wake uppppppp….

  4. Thank you, I believe in this project, it is the future of the way money is transacted in the future, Shiba, and Saitama! We are blessed 🙌

  5. Just watched the video, been watching for a couple months now, I am new to crypto and like your content, very informative and helpful. I like that you live in Daytona, I live in DeLand. I have a fishing YouTube channel and would love to do a joint video one day. Fishing and talking crypto.

  6. You are a straight up dude. You believe in what you are doing and from the scene at the restaurant a very generous person. If you’re any more transparent, you’d be see-thru. Lol. The fact that you share your knowledge and spread sheets WITHOUT ever mentioning a patreon page is commendable. Any donations you get is from the heart and you deserve it. Salute to you and your family and thanks again…you’re changing people’s lives.

  7. you were receiving so much text or phone calls during the recording my friend. you must be super popular youtuber huh! i like it and i love your vidoes!

  8. Can you please consider a Central Florida or Volusia County cryptocurrency meet-up or Facebook group ? I’m an avid fan with a story of turning $1 in to ???! Thus far ! Thanks 🙏 386 representing