Hey my fellow Veve fam and Ecomi (OMI) fam, welcome to the patient hodler live stream. Today we will get into the nasty topic of banned, restricted or disabled accounts on veve. Some people are locked out for months and the evidence that innocent people got banned is overwhelming. We are going to look at possible risk factors, KYC and what you can do to avoid being banned for the moment. Veve has an image damaging transparency issue that needs to be fixed by openly addressing the problem and presenting a solution!

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  1. They are not conflicted AMAs. At one point they wanted to use collectibles for giveaways. But now I think like you said. Since they are heading into the road of real NFTs. They cannot do this anymore. I have seen multiple staff members say confirmed banned accounts stay locked forever essentially burning the NFTs and Gems. However not officially, just removed from circulation possibly forever.

    Also there is talk of removing gem transfer period. People need to stop it immediately.

  2. I don’t know how true it is, but I saw a post where a lot of people were saying their birthdays were of by 1 day.

  3. If you seriously have to do all of this to protect stuff that you paid money for the company could have taken care of this or put out a message by now. As an investor I’m finding this super sketchy and quite the red flag. Somethings wrong here

  4. Everyone should subscribe to you because you’re one of the only Veve creators who talks about this. I commented already, but my birthdate is off by one day in my details and I can’t change it. It makes me want to sell everything now just in case anything bad happens after listening to all these horror stories

  5. Excellent points all around.

    I would clarify one thing: In the last AMA David said that an account with only ONE collectible and were clearly boting would be refunded the gems and that collectible would go into a giveaway.
    This is just for those throwaway bot accounts that were caught with one collectible in them. If someone comes forward to claim it as their personal account and provides KYC they will get it back.

    I’m sure Ecomi realizes that these NFTs are personal property and they can’t confiscate them permanently.