Beginner’s Guide to Avalanche Rush: Yield Farming on AAVE/Curve

Curve’s atricrypto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEuSP54fbAM
AAVE: https://app.aave.com/dashboard
Curve: https://avax.curve.fi/

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0:00 Intro
0:24 How Does Yield Farming Work?
1:08 Avalanche Rush
1:50 What is AAVE?
3:12 Paid to Borrow & Lend
4:23 What is Curve?
5:40 Net APY Overview on AAVE
6:47 Simulation: Lend BTC, Borrow Dollars
8:00 Liquidation Risk
9:05 Simple Stablecoin Strategy
9:53 “Delta Neutral” Strategy
11:15 Safe Leverage Farm Strategy
12:20 Paid to Leverage Long Strategy (DYOR!!!)
13:50 Paid to Bridge Strategy
15:20 Importance of Trusted Money Markets
17:22 Free Yield Farming Guide

The goal of this channel is to think about crypto in a different way. Contrary to popular belief, crypto doesn’t have to be, “Buy and hope it goes up.” Through DeFi, there are so many ways to earn high & safe yields on your assets, which is a total game changer in terms of portfolio construction.

Yield farming is not a “get rich quick scheme,” but rather a “slow grind to more wealth” strategy. And I argue that USING DeFi is the best way to LEARN DeFi, which will present natural alpha for you in the future. I am not an ecosystem maxi, but a yield maxi. If an ecosystem presents a good risk-adjusted yield, I will be there. Subscribe to follow my journey!

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  1. Why use my stables on aave on avalanche when i can get 30% apy on Anchor protocol on luna ecossystem just by depositing and borrowing?

  2. Taiki if you’re comfortable doing so, why not recommend the Spookyswap bridge? You can bridge from polygon/bsc/etc. to fantom and then from fantom to avalanche. Costs like $2 and is pretty fast

  3. as a small time stablecoin farmer, the avax transaction fees are killing the gains. brought it over from polygon to test it out but once the juice goes away, will probably switch back to polygon

  4. Thanks for the different strategies, I’ve always deposited on aave and not being 100% sure which play I wanted to do

  5. ICX might be worth looking into, the have a money market, stable coin, and a curve clone and at the end of the month they will be upgrading to 2.0 which includes a java vm and bridges to BSC, Moonriver, and Near.

  6. When I look on the chart on AAVE, I never can see how you are return positive on lend then borrow…

  7. Gas fees on avalanche is hurting me. I guess I’ll just have to stick with polygon.

  8. Thank you for taking the time, to make a beginners guide to avalanche , great content

  9. Can you please also cover the deleverage part? How to savly remove funds from a borrowed position. Thank you :-)

  10. Thanks for another fantastic ad free video. Really appreciate the quality content you’ve been putting out to help us small time farmers get started. Guess I did strategy number 3 because I didn’t really consider you could borrow and take it to another app. Looking forward to your Curve video.

  11. Thanks for another great video, definitely the best content about farming. Looking forward to that farming guide

  12. Hey Taiki, just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the quality content. Nobody talking about farms the way you are. Easily digestible, real examples of what you’re doing, along with daily/weekly updates. Keep up the good work, you’re doing a good thing. You personally introduced me to you farming and the humble farmer thesis. Great mindset towards humble portfolio growth. Thanks again

  13. Good stuff. However @8:57 “being paid to borrow” is not really the essential thing. It’s all about the *net* value of your strategies.

  14. Taiki, I’m a pro poker player so game recognize game. I love your videos because you keep it 💯 and I know you’re honorable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Do you need an intern/student? I’m willing to work in exchange for knowledge.

  15. This is incredibly helpful. Thanks, brother.

    How do you manage keeping track for tax purposes? I could see it getting crazy quick

  16. When in a stable coin pool, is it better to 1. Harvest and sell farm token straight away 2. Harvest and sell then add back in to the stable pool you’re in

  17. Thanks for the great content as always. I have been playing around with AVAX and SOL but fees are too expensive for a small farmer like me. I was wondering what minimum amount would you consider to start farming with, and on which networks ? Does $1000 or $2000 even worth it if you have to claim rewards every week or so ? Thanks again for the amazing work with these videos

  18. Hello. Very good info. With one catch though. You do not talk about the swap fees. Can you talk about, for example swapping BTC to WBTC on Avalanche, which roughly eats up 15 USD one way for ~ 3K USD and calculate the Net APY from each blockchain subtracting swap and deposit fees ? For someone investing a few thousand K USD it’s almost not worth it.

  19. This is just amazing! Best Yield Farming content I’ve found so far. Thanks Taiki

  20. Can we do anything with the avWAVAX token we receive for supplying? Stacking yields possibly?

  21. @taikimaeda
    what pool are you depositing into on curve that is bringing 40%?

  22. I respect your work because you’re pointing people in the right direction, i have made over half a million dollars this year by trading smart… Lessons from bitcoin dip for newbies, hodl, don’t day trade, don’t use leverage, size your position, ignore the FUD and be patient. Giving back 10 Ethereum to some lucky people

  23. the APR @ Curve/Avax when down from 247% (2 days ago) to 21% today. wow. for stablecoins from 70 % in your video to (4.14+13.46) aprox 18%. not even worth the bridging and risk effort. dont you think?

  24. Hi Taiki, Thank you for your videos and great instruction. I’m learning a lot from you and am about to give one of your strategies a try. Can I provide some constructive criticism? You might consider speaking more slowly when you are presenting your strategies, especially when involving numbers and formulas. Perhaps you don’t realize it but you speak very quickly and personally, I have trouble following along when you are talking about a given formula. Anyway, just a thought and thank you again!

  25. Thank you for the great video, Is there a way that I could get into farming if my crypto assets are about $5K?

  26. Love what you do Taiki, seriously appreciate all of your hard work. I’ve held polygon since 1.7 cents but have fallen in love with the cosmos network recently and am thinking of fully moving over. Crazy yields, not to mention the airdrops on osmosis and was wondering if you have looked into the ATOM apps at all. Thx again

  27. This is a topic that you can explain in the most simplistic way possible, and still have the listener mouth open crossed eyed like tf did you just say to me?? Lol I think you nailed it tho. Great vid!

  28. dude ily ! thanks so much .. you changed my life . thanks for keeping it real and showing the community the way

  29. Where can I download your yield farming guide you showed at the end ? Thanks!

  30. man i just want to thank you for the quality of the video i have been working it for a wile now 2017 and defi is great however those fees on uni killing me so frustrated and when i came across yours that made the diffrence so good job.

  31. Great content! I’m new to the crypto space but you really make things clear to understand, especially with the examples given. Thanks and keep up the great work you do, I’ll be watching for all your new videos from now on.

  32. I’m new here and liked the content, smashed the button! Great information and explanations, well thought out. Thank you!!

  33. Yield farming on Avalanche and PayBSwap made me rich in less than 2 years.