Best Fantom Ecosystem Gems and Yield Farming Strategies (How To Make Passive Income In A Bear Trend)

In today’s video, I discuss current market conditions and possible scenarios for both the BTC and FTM price. I also walk you through some of my favourite Fantom ecosystem plays, and how to earn insane yield on your crypto assets via yield farming.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/milesdeutscher


Tomb Finance Staking Tutorial: https://youtu.be/mZTQfDIb36A
APR to APY Calculator: https://www.aprtoapy.com/
Impermanent Loss Calculator: https://dailydefi.org/tools/impermanent-loss-calculator/

0:00 – Intro and Overview
0:35 – Market Overview
1:22 – Fantom (FTM) Price
2:30 – Fantom (FTM) Chart (Elliot Wave Pattern)
6:08 – Bitcoin Chart
7:50 – Macroeconomic Factors
8:44 – FTM Cycles Chart
9:48 – Yield Farming Strategies
11:08 – Fantom Ecosystem
12:28 – Liquid Driver Explained
15:17 – LQDR x HND Partnership
18:57 – LQDR Price Analysis
19:39 – LQDR Tokenomics and Relative Strength
21:48 – LQDR Single Sided Staking on Beethoven X
23:36 – Strategy 1 (Pirate Party)
24:57 – Strategy 2 (ICE/FTM)
27:37 – Strategy 3 (Other Liquid Driver LPs)
28:58 – Strategy 4 (Tomb Finance)
31:10 – Strategy 5 (OxDAO)
33:04 – Recap
33:44 – My Mindset
35:22 – Outro

This video should not be construed as financial advice and is for entertainment purposes only.


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  1. loooove the content bro!! please keep it up, would be great if you was to join the banter fam=]!!!!

  2. Excellent information! Thanks Miles. Keep learning and teaching. Great job!!

  3. Hello sir, i would like you to explain me if i do staking-delegate to a node my ftm via fwallet using ledger wallet then the keys from my crypto will belong to me or they go to the node and i will not have them. Thank you very much

  4. When it comes to the world of investing, most people don’t know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance 💯

  5. Great video once again. Excited for the dedicated for the Beethoven video. What is your opinion on beets as a token? Mentioned you were weary of the emmision schedule

  6. Hi mate, found your channel afew days ago and ive become a big fan! Extremely helpful and easy to follow.
    Quick question, should i buy ftm now at 2:10approx or worth waiting for a little dip?
    Looking forward to more videos.
    Frankie from Gibraltar

  7. 24:05 – with daily compounding rather than monthly compounding, that 170% APR actually turns into 445% APY. Weekly compounding is also an option that still increases ur gains quite a bit over monthly. Weekly compounding would be around 432% APY

  8. I’ve never watched any of your videos. I’ve seen you referenced a lot on Banter and I have to say you killed it. Keep putting out good shit like this. Your giving Taiki Maeda a run for his $ (his private group is overpriced and shit)

  9. Such great coverage! Love liquid driver and beethoven. This is one of the many ways fantom protocols synergies with each other to provide maximum yield for investors

  10. Great content, would be interested in your views on the terraswap ecosystem as well. Also sent you a DM on twitter

  11. Is there a preferred place to stake Fantom on it’s own without converting it to another token? I can see it increasing in price later this year and would rather be holding FTM as it does.

  12. Been in too many projects with no emissions cap and none of them end well. My big fear for Lqdr and why I can’t lock up for 2 years

  13. Starting now is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth in 2022, investing remains a priority. The Crypto
    market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works

  14. Hey Miles. Basic question here, but after you deposit your LP tokens for yield farming, can you disconnect your wallet until you actually want to withdraw the LP tokens?

  15. 137% APR and dropping fast ;) probably remain higher than LQDR for a while though

  16. Bro your channel is going to be huge. Trust me. The information you provide is extremely valuable and to the point. No BS. Great work and keep it up! Nice to hear that you’ll be in banter as well. Congrats!

  17. Thanks for the video! What strategy would you follow if I am going to invest only $1500?

  18. You are so cheeky Miles! You got the moves i can follow! Thanks for your focus on FTM

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  31. I have enough to setup 5 Stratus by the looks 👌. My main question is your plan when bear market hits, do you hold or cash out profit before drop? Also with current price $2 does your monthly earnings also double if Flux is at $4? Again total beginner here, appreciate your reply but i trust Daily web earn

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  45. Question for you Miles or another experienced trader. The one thing confusing me with defi/staking/farming is if it matters that I buy something like usdc on polygon and bridge to fantom to avoid eth gas fees. Or is it better to do all your staking and farming from the eth mainnet

  46. Hi brother! Thanks for all the advice. Can I transfer LINK from binance to my fantom adress the same way i do it with FTM? (In order to use Link/FTM pools)

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