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BEST metaverse tokens to watch in 2022: AXS, MANA, SAND, ENJ, RNDR | DeFeed

BEST metaverse tokens to watch in 2022: AXS, MANA, SAND, ENJ, RNDR. Metaverses are virtual worlds where you can socialize, shop, work, visit art galleries and attend concerts – many of the things you can do in the real world. There are different ideas about how the metaverse will evolve, but some form of cryptocurrency will likely be the payment of choice. We’re already seeing people using crypto to buy land and goods in various virtual universes.

In today’s video, we take a look at the top 5 metaverse coins by market cap (according to CoinGecko) that clearly deserve your attention, if you are seeking some investment opportunities. But as always, don’t forget to do your own research!

👉 Axie Infinity (AXS)
👉 Decentraland (MANA)
👉 The Sandbox (SAND)
👉 Enjin Coin (ENJ)
👉 Render Token (RNDR)

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  1. $RNDR top undervalued project, upcoming Maxon Cinema 4d and Redshift integration will make it number one solution in the market