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Best Platforms To Stake Crypto | Earn Up To 40% Interest On Stablecoins

FMA: Cryptocurrencies are high risk, speculative products that operate differently to traditional investments. Only invest what you can afford to lose

In this video I share with you 3 different platforms I personally use to make passive income on my stablecoins, ranging from 8% APR to 40% APR. Referral links down below: Get $25 USD FREE when you use the link ➜

Celsius: Sign up with this link and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! ➜

KuCoin: Register and trade via my referral link to enjoy 10% discount on trading fees! ➜

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⏩EasyCrypto: Fastest way to buy Bitcoin in NZ ➜
🔴Binance: Buy BTC Internationally 10% off commissions ➜
📀Ledger Wallet: Best Hardware Wallet ➜
🔎Sharesight: Get 4 months FREE when you sign up to an annual plan ➜
Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies which Joshua Wang will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Joshua Wang is part of an affiliate network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available.

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  1. Cryptocurrencies are high risk, speculative products that operate differently to traditional investments. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Stay safe everyone!

  2. Bots chatting to themselves in your comment section? Now you know you have made it Josh.

  3. Great video Josh, this is starting to become a hot crypto tactic. Question on the level of risk posed by the US Gov and expected incoming stable coin regulation, depends on the regulation of course, but does this have the higher potential to be good, bad or indifferent to this strategy?

  4. Great info Joshua! What is the best way to buy USDT for lending in Kucoin? Buy from Easy crypto then send or just buy on Kucoin? Also how do you cash out, Easy crypto i assume? Thx

  5. I will definately use your link because you do a good job of explaining the pro’s and con’s. That makes me trust you. And you’re clear on your explanations, because this is dry stuff, lol. so thanks!

  6. Hi Joshua, you channel is great! May I ask how much tax we will need to pay for crypto asset income? Do we pay tax for capital gain same as share or we pay for tax according to our personal income?

  7. Lending is completely different than staking. All three of the platforms you mentioned are actually lending. There’s no such thing as staking BTC

  8. stablecoins, especially usdt are the most profitable crypto asset in 2021 I think
    thank you for your video

  9. Why would you even begin by sharing in your disclaimer that this is for entertainment purposes only?! Do you realize that there are people who are not looking for entertainment but I really trying to grow their wealth increase their finances, also most of you people in here you need to be able to inform your audience that certain platforms or exchanges are not available in the US why do you people forget to share that kind of information and if they are in the US what platforms or exchanges are available in the US I think that your videos are incomplete I mean , everyone in your audience who may be listening are not all in the same state or country that you’re in or where these platforms and exchanges are available because they’re not all available to those in the United States I’ve seen at the end of my attempting to sign up to an exchange where you get a message we are not in your area as of yet but we will we will share with you when we are stuff like that or we will be in the US real soon stuff like that so why is your video not giving more accurate information more complete for everyone

  10. Could you please do a video on non KYC versions? I have found anchor and tulip, aave and Benqui. Any others worth looking at?

  11. Tnahks for using tether as an example despite all the fud I’m seeing lately

  12. Joshua Wang your channel is so cool
    can you make a video about crypto platforms (Binance and Bitfinex) ?

  13. Thanks to youtube, there’s no Dislike, so I can hardly tell if that’s a scam or not.

  14. thanks for a great video. i have been on coinbase for long time but rewards/interest are not great or not at all. if you were to choose one of the three exchanges you’ve mentioned, which one?

  15. For me, the best stable coin is Tether at all times. Many scold this coin, but I was able to keep my assets many times. I like that all major exchanges support tether.

  16. I started with Coinbase to stake some crypto but i only get 4% back …which would fit me better ? just a beginner here thnx

  17. ☝️This is brilliant☝️ #Johhntechie once again I like a
    little bit of speed and a little bit of effort that’s
    brilliant you two keep it up this is fire I ain’t lying.


  19. Another successful profit earn from👆👆👆.it’s so painful many has lost their property to fake platform just like I have been few months ago ..all has become a story now ever since I started investing with this legitimate earning platform where I have been making my profit from home..all my family are so grateful for the transformation

  20. The name above thanks a lot for the recovery you did I hope and pray everybody get to know about you. You’re a life saver