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Best Staking Rewards for Cosmos Ecosystem Tokens! | Which Cryptos to Stake & Earn Yield?!?!

00:00 Best Staking Rewards in Cosmos
02:45 How to Calculate Inflation Rewards
04:32 Osmosis OSMO 114.21%?
05:57 OSMO Rewards Incorrect??
06:56 Junochain JUNO 112.15%
08:42 Desmos Network DSM 77.8%
10:10 Sentinel DVPN 55.29%
12:12 Comdex CMDX 56.21%
14:05 Akash AKT 46.36%
15:47 Sifchain ROWAN 43.76%
17:11 Persistence XPRT 31.01%
19:04 Compounding Gains Potential
21:22 Calculation Considerations

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  1. I’m hoping someone comes out with an Olympus fork on Cosmos. If so, I will be all over it

  2. Why do you think the price is lagging so behind other cryptos?? I’m a holder here but its testing my patience

  3. Liam always nice to hear what is happening on Cosmos. It is why I had like auto-cake (on bsc) so it would autocompound. AutoFarm does this for a fee also. More staking contracts should give the auto-compound option. I have been doing Olympus clones on Solana, Polygon, Fantom.

  4. I don’t think you’re correct about calculating OSMO staking rewards. I am finding that I am getting the stated APY as per keplr wallet. I checked 2 days ago when APY was around 116%+ and my % reward * 365 was 110.704% and when u consider commission 5% that comes out to 116.53% APY

  5. Hi! Do you know a good validator that will airdrop to juno for staking? Moneta is coming…

  6. You look like you are filming from a ski lodge in Austria – Not Bournmouth!

  7. Thanks for reporting on everything Cosmos! I found alot of interesting content on you channel.

  8. Excellent content.
    It would be nice to develop a formula, given a particular amount of coins you are staking, that you can calculate what are the optimal intervals for claiming and restake.
    You might want to give this a thought.
    Keep on doing the good work!

  9. Good content, but you’re supposed to go from eight to one, not one to eight.

  10. What will happen once Superfluid staking will be enabled? I assume most if not all of the OSMO tokens in the different LPs will then be staked right?

  11. is not that a double edged sword? You are getting the inflation however – the higher the inflation the lower value it will be because of the increased supply?

  12. Thanks for this video. So you suggest to stake (delegate) tokens instead of provide liquidity in osmosis? But with delegation you need 21 days to unstake.
    Also for compounding should compound everyday?

  13. Great Video! thanks alot. Very informative, with certainly lots of efforts and passion that you staked in this video:-)

  14. Liam, how long does the rate of return last? I thought for example XPRT is only 30+ percent just for 2 years then it will bump down to 20% – is this true and if so is it like this with these other assets you covered? Thank you!!!