Best Yield Farming Crypto

Best Yield Farming Crypto
HK NETWORK: https://spiritualloveinstitute.uscreen.io/
More Information http://www.4cyclesoflife.com


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  1. I love this guy tbh …… I always can’t wait for ur next video …. Am in the states buh u inspire me a lot

  2. Brother Kareem how I can I get linked into your HK network? I need that work!

  3. I was disrespected, the bank gave me a whole penny on the money I had in the bank 😂

    That’s why most of my money is in crypto!

  4. There was a time when receiving 1.5% on an account was considered a “good thing.” Smh. I used to try and tell folks the same thing.. Keep on schooling these folks. Bravo.

  5. Solid video…. Nothing but gems… This one was a Lil advance… But a must know and need to know video. #chessnotcheckers💪🏿💪🏿💯

  6. Wow kareem you always bring good info along with the how , your the best really appreciate your guidence and help navigating this matrix

  7. you a trip bro love your videos and the way your delivering the new information to the people…..PREACH

  8. Bro, you just woke me up, from Sleep 😴, your knowledge is very powerful to the people who’re ready to refraction their mindset, I am bro , I can insure you …. You changed my mindset 500X
    I’m now stay woke , I set up the goal for 2022-2024 wanna make a millionaire $$$$$$

    To the Crypto_Space…….


  10. I was just about watch a free video course on it, dis man drops exactly what I’m looking for right on time👏👏👏👏

  11. Let’s go bro I’m so proud of youuuu yesss we’ve been talking about this for years… and now you done took off running let’s go…

  12. Pleasant Greetings my brother, this subject isn’t listed on your network @ a subscriber

  13. Request is very good on daily returns. It has went fron .4 to over a 1$ in a couple of days.

  14. True uncle Sam gone get his.. we the people gotta figure out how to keeps ours.. 🙏🏾✊🏾

  15. Anyone else sign up and can only sign into the app on your phone? Web site log in says incorrect login or password. Tried changing it with same results. long into to app without issue.

  16. Thanks Brother for the insight this was needed towards my journey of Crypto. I need to see the gains foreal that was the real Thanksgiving for me. Knowledge

  17. Good afternoon Kareem 🙏🏽 I’ve joined HK network but I have questions, how can I message you in regards to the info given on HK? I do believe I hit send on my last question left on here but I no longer see my comment/question! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. So to get that divided you would have to keep your coins on their platform? Is that correct ?

    Are you at all concerned about
    “not your wallet not your coins”

  19. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but every time you convert whether it’s fiat to crypto or crypto to crypto it’s considered a taxable event. The yields you are making are taxable as well just like a dividend in the stock market but it may not be the case if it’s a neglible amount and you just want to put your standard deduction towards your crypto gains.

  20. Hello , someone put me on to you a while ago. I started using your tooth powder recipe. Idk why I ever stopped and went back to store bought smh. Can you pleassseee get me the ingredients. All I remember is baking soda , lemon ( I think) , activated charcoal , peppermint, and clay

  21. I’m trying to figure out how to access the crypto info on the HP network. So i can figure out wat to sell and wat to keep for the long haul. Pick up the crumbs from all the coins?

  22. Its more than your calculating. Celsius paid out weekly compounding. So instead of dividing by 12 you have to divide by 52 . Its more with compounding

  23. YUP! not to mention the fees they add and NOTICE when the massive found out about yield farming now we see the rush by SEC and the so called infrastructure bill to limit any progress of its speople.

  24. Are you being paid by Celsius? They must be giving you something for the promotion

  25. This is confirmation. I was researching Crypto banks recently. Celsius has best return. 10.02% return on some coins. With compounding on a six figure balance?!? The returns are PHENOMENAL! Keep dropping knowledge Brother Kareem.

  26. Been in crypto for three years. House and Benz paid for in cash ALL with crypto profits! 💪🏾

  27. I agree with you King …
    Yield Farming & providing liquidity is a great way to earning passive income……
    Glad you bringing the awareness of DeFi..
    And CDP’s……
    1 Luv 1 People…….

  28. I believe what you said about the Crypto to fiat conversion for tax purposes only is incorrect. You will trigger a taxable event once you sell you holdings even if you trade from one Crypto to another, the amount you pay will be determined by long or short term Capital gains tax. The only way around this is if you do a bit of tax loss harvesting.

  29. Shalom ahk.
    Thanks my brotha for the video. It’s a sleeper (Because ain’t No body talking about this) STAY WOKE Brotha!

  30. Thank you Kareem for pouring into the community with a wealth of knowledge I’m truly grateful much love, respect and blessings to you.

  31. Kareem, I just sold my house made great profit about to drop some serious cash @ Celsius and dropped some on 3 Vanguard EFT appreciate it. Good Looking out!