BEST Yield Farming Opportunity on Fantom!?!? (Multiple 100%+ APYs)

DeFi Slate Fam:

Yield Farming in the Fantom Ecosystem is said to be haunted by lots of tormented souls of those already departed!

But fear not as Andy gives us a tour of Reaper Farm, an auto-compounder built by a Fantom native team to help you navigate through the spookiest of farms and reap the best yields for your assets.


– Wassie

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  1. You rather farm on Reaper over Spooky? I don’t understand, the aprs are sick on Spooky.

  2. 1 hour later and the LP aren’t showing under the farm. Is this normal? The transactions are super quick normally.

  3. I unstaked my FTM-TOMB LP tokens from Tomb Finance and tried to deposit them into Reaper Finance, but the transaction keeps failing. I have FTM for fees in my metamask, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Have you ever encountered this?

  4. Maybe you mentioned this and I missed it, but what form are the rewards given in? More LP token?

  5. Why post a video then any question anyone has you re direct them on a wild goose chase to twitter…. wtf is that all about, would be much more helpful to answer queries here…. some people don’t even have twitter. Theres so many important questions below that could help a lot of people if answered here and probably benefit your channel….

  6. What do you get when you withdraw? For example you get t-shares and ftm separately?