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Binance Coin Analysis | BNB To $1,000 + Viewer Questions

Binance Coin (BNB) has been on a volatile rollercoaster ride, the exchange’s native token, soared by more than 10% following yesterday’s announcement of the launch of a $1 billion fund to support the Binance Smart Chain development. Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has also announced that it will delist the Chinese Yuan (CNY) from its over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk. Some are saying this could pave the way for a BNB climb to $560. On this episode, we break down the beginning of it’s path to a potential $1,000 price.

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~Binance Coin Analysis | BNB To $1,000 + Viewer Questions~
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  1. This program provides the best Crypto Market analysis on the internet and Youtube. Thanks to Paul and the team.

  2. No NFTs here. They aren’t useful yet…looking for real world functionality.

  3. What a load of BS. Binance exchange has so much negative publicity atm. Countries are banning the exchange. The BNB token should be dumped and below $50. But no, it’s just a manipulation of the price

  4. Joined the Diamond Circle last month! Can’t wait to hear from you! That initial Fantom advice was huge, allowed me to research it and move out of SHIB. Even though SHIB had its own big pump, big things await for Fantom imo. I dont see it stopping.

  5. Call me Paul so I can get into the diamond circle. Having trouble getting signed up

  6. Thank you, to answer ur question…am more into fundamentals and understanding projects. What goes on on this blockchain? and that blockchain? Analyzing and breaking down projects. I look at Technical charts but not much. I hate those price prediction channels that yell 1000X !!!! TO THE MOOOOON!!! immatures….. This is why I respect this channel and I hope u don’t change ur style. Good luck.

  7. I think the NFT market is a whole another level of risk, however investing in the platforms that trade them would be a safer return ie Solano avalanche Ethereum ect.. NFT trading for myself is too risky and to trendy.

  8. Have you done anything with the recent BLOK project? Also curious about MOBIE. I put money in and really not happy. Hopefully some hope there….

  9. I noticed I didn’t have the notifications on All Notifications, and I kept missing the videos, by the time I watched it was old news lol

  10. Please..tell me what is the name of the tool you use to regroup info ? you speak about it on the minutes 5:39 🙏 weves ??? or wives ???

  11. These projects BNB, Hina Inu, RedShiba, Ethereum, Redpanda, XRP, PirateCoin an Hotdoge are lifchanging projects

  12. Ethereum classic-..In the video above you stated yourself btc dominance and the market it self is trending very similar to 2017….Which is exactly why ethereum classic is a good buy. I was truly confused when you took a stance against investing in it…in 2017 etc hit a spring high of 22 dollars and than more than doubled that high in the altcoin rally of Jan 18….Not to mention a few months ago you were all for etc..lastly etc maintains a position in the top 20 when it comes to trading volume

  13. I hold BNB but i’m team Kucoin. Ya’ll think yallcould do a video onb KCS

  14. Please More Wealth Building Portfolio Strategies! Would really love to see how you would break down your overall Portfolio. Like what percent would you put towards your IRA and Traditional Stocks Investing account, then Crypto (Blue Chips, Passive Income/Long Term Hold, and Risky Low caps). a break down like that would really help.
    Thank You very much for your Honest Content!

    Diamond Circle Gang 4 Life!