Binance Coin – BNB Coin

Binance Coin BNB Crypto Price News Today – Price Update, New All-Time High Soon?

Binance Coin BNB Crypto Price News Today – Price Update and Prediction and Technical Analysis!
In this video I talk about Binance Coin and the BNB price. Binance has just launched a growth fund, which seems to have acted as a catalyst for the BNB price!

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  1. volume dropped thanks to the recent burns!! Its a good sign in my view ;)
    Its making BNB valuable long term

  2. There is rooms to run. ETH marketcap is about 5 times bigger but with much less users and transaction than BNB.

  3. After investors will dump BNB, it will again start creeping up slowly. BNB as an utility token will have its demand on Binance. Their visa card cashback % amount depends on how much BNB you are holding on average during the past month. 2 BNB = 2% cashback. It goes up to 8% cashback for very rich people. That is just one thing.

  4. Is it still good to buy bnb today given it’s almost already in it’s all time high?