Elrond – EGLD Coin

Bitcoin, Bonds and ETH Killers – tensions are rising #BTC #ETH #FTM #AVAX #EGLD #ADA

#Bitcoin #CryptoNews #AVAX #Fantom #Cardano #Solana #Elrond #ElSalvadorBond #MoneyPrinting
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0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry
00:30 Bitcoin Jerome Spike – Shortlived
01:30 Not Rocking the Boat – Money Printer go…
02:45 Dovish vs Hawkish
03:05 Printer is Coming – Memes are out
03:37 No $h*t Sherlock
04:00 Stonks & Bitcoin… to the Moon – Dr Patel
04:40 Markets Driven by Demographics
06:07 RSI Says A Bottom Could be in – TechDev – massive gains in next 5-15 weeks
07:08 A Ton of SC’s Moved Onto Exchanges to BTFD – record-breaking deposits
08:30 Mt Gox Cloud Hangs like the Sword of Damocles
09:50 Bitcoin Playbook – Price Action Sheet
11:24 Alex Mashinsky – Doubling Down on Bitcoin Mining
12:18 Puelle Multiple – Miners are not selling their Bitcoin
13:35 El Salvador Bitcoin Bond
13:55 El Salvador ‘Bitcoin Bond’ pays for City and also Special Dividend
15:40 MercadoLibre – BTC Free Market
16:30 ETH: Fresh 3 yr low on Exchanges:
16:55 ETH: Losing the Throne? SOL AVAX FTM
18:27 ETH: Su Zhu AVAX Backer Stirs the Pot
19:20 Elrond (EGLD) Skyrockets 60% in 3 Days Following News on Liquidity Incentive Program
20:20 EGLD 60% Spike
20:55 Charles: “Ignore Short Term Pricing”
21:50 100% is the new 50% – Odell Beckham Junior
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  1. 18 minutes in.

    Osmosis & Emeris on Cosmos are another key player. While not direct competition because of the Gravity Bridge, it could still pull projects away from Ethereum.

    Osmosis the the best DEX in crypto, period.

  2. Hi James !
    Love the content as usual.
    Regarding TA Tuesday – could you give some info on why you avoided MARA , when Blackrock and Fidelity own 7% of Mara each, ( 14% of total outstanding shares ) Is there something they know we’re missing ? Don’t you think Mara knowing the power houses investing in them , would play ball legally as to not incite the legal wrath of Blackrock ? I own some and am worried with the lawsuit , not sure if I should sell and pick up more CLSK . Your expanded opinion
    On the matter would be great to hear . Thanks 🙏🏻

  3. Hi Steve, huge follower of this community and everything you do. I want to hear your thoughts on LRC Loopring and it’s current movement. Thanks.

  4. Why did you block Wesley Kress, he puts out quality info and tries to genuinely help people … $EGLD $MEX lets goooo

  5. Dude thank you so much for putting out content every day. You are like my daily financial weatherman, and are part of my morning coffee routine. Keep it up.

    Also wondering if you have any thoughts on layer2 zkrollups like loopring (LRC) as the future of Ethereum?

  6. Im 27 and all my money is in SOL, BTC, and ETH. The SOL ecosystem is absolutely insane. Full Defi user now because of your Solend IDO video. Thank you James!

  7. James, thank you for being here for us. The information and your view of things is helping and will keep on helping so many of us here. I wish you a happy and a healty long life.

  8. In order to make your worst investment just buy VET 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. EtH is just awful … why in the world people want to pay so much money on gas fees and wait in order to make your transaction?!!! Make no sense! I allready sold all and bought AVAX

  10. Oh man,you are really a cardano hater!!Doesnt matter,cardano will hit 9 dollars faster than your favourite Ethereum!!And then you will eat your words..AGAIN!!

  11. Absolutly true Reg: millenials buying crypto. Im mid 20s and a large chunk of my friends will be Hodling for life.

  12. Damn Eth.. sent $240 while shopping and was charged 10% in fees!

    While Sol usually cost me $0.00001 lol

  13. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know eth is trash. They’ve been trying to go pos for years yet they’re still not. Gas fees are so high you cannot even use the platform. It’s not even profitable to mine anymore because unless you like getting paymentd once a year the gas fees eat all your profits.

  14. If the bond pays 6.5% yearly you would receive $650 ($375 semi-annually) per $10,000 invested.

  15. I agree with Zhu in how you’ve paraphrased him (didn’t read his tweet). ETH fees are disgusting. The devs keep postponing advances. And I read criticism of how switching from proof of work to proof of stake penalizes the miners who brought ETH to where it is today. I begrudgingly hold it only to pay fees for other crypto in the chain, but I’m selling most of my crypto and becoming a Bitcoin maximalist. I was in SOL but sold for a profit. Can’t get behind Cardano vaporware until it releases something real. I like FTM but haven’t yet moved to the chain.

  16. Bitcoin is on life support but it does not look good.
    There is no money in Bitcoin for the working man. It is control by a very powerful group. Ethereum will grow and Bitcoin will go to zero. Gaming coins is the only hope for the poor man to make a fortune. No matter how much money the group pumps into bitcoin, no matter how many experts they hire on social media, you are watching the final days of Bitcoin, its funeral will come in days , not weeks. The fall out from Covit disrupted the master plan of its controllers but now the working man needs cash.

  17. you slept on CRO dude, still under $1 and going parabolic even when the rest of the market is dropping

  18. Elrond has two gems now: $EGLD and $MEX. James, get on that train. $2 billion in TVL in less than a week.

  19. James. You are incredible. You have changed my life! DCA in Bitcoin, Solana and ETH religiously. Tried sooo hard to get my family in but they are hostile to apathetic. 🙄I have great respect and affection for you!! Thank you again for the education and calm in the tense days.

  20. HI James, please accept more Patreon capitalists: at least, one more member – me 🙂

  21. I’m just getting tired of these comments “to the moon” pumping blablabla. On the other side I have not much experience about finance-investing and crypto as well. I’m constantly learning and this is one of my favorit sites, as it brings real value to me and and doesn’t waste my time. Thank you 💌

  22. Would it be possible to share your thoughts on Coti crypto? I know it takes a ton of your time to make these videos so if not no worries. Thanks for you content!

  23. 2022 we will likely have a Bear Market. If this is the case do you all hold your positions in BTC etc. or sell up?

  24. High Inflation, low economic growth and unemployment. You do know whats his face Biden is President right? 1.3 trillion in printed money and more stupid shit. Gas at 5 dollars coming soon. I would invest in Toyota stock as Prius will replace the Cadillac as the new Luxury car. Lol

  25. Money printing dose not raise the value of BTC.
    It drags down the value of the dollar.
    Almost the same but obe is talking about inflation hecth the other is rise in purchasing power

  26. It seems to me that your audience would be interested to know the new Kyrrex crypto exchange

  27. BITOSHI is all I am saying… thank me later if you are on a boat with hot chicks 😜 NFT drop soon

  28. My concern is that the government is trying to raise money to bail out their debts with the IMF. Using foreign investments to get your country out of debts can be a recipe for disaster. If you don’t own the keys to your Bitcoin you give a third party all the gains whilst they give you a measly 6.1% per annum.

  29. Possibly the best crypto investment guy on the net. Thanks James. I’m glad i found this channel. I’m a fan and will be checking out your site on the daily. Cheers and God Bless.