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Bitcoin just PUMPED, Whats NEXT ??? #Cardano

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  1. Lets Go! Who’s coming with me On the Giant Erect Cardano rocket to the Moon!

  2. < I totally agree with what you are saying. I started in crypto in August 2017, and I bought in. I was up 5x by December only to watch that disappear quickly and then watch the original investment go down by about 85% during the ensuing 4 year bear market. I took the opportunity to accumulate more over the last 4 years which was hard to do and at the same time a smart thing to do. I wish I had bought more. I am in profit for now but I am planning on using my experience and what i have learnt from Elijah Huang I have learned from you and other Youtubrs especially my mentor Elijah Huang who taught me how to make trade and increase my crypto from 11 to 27btc that no one really knows what is going to happen in the market and I know you are only saying what you think will happen based on the past. It is yours and my opinion so people should make their own investment choices based on their own research,..

  3. My favorite Ted Cruz fail moment was when Trump called his wife ugly and said his dad killed JFK and Cruz still bent the knee to him. Trump’s a loser too but Cruz is even more pathetic.

  4. Here in Texas many leaders, companies, and even politicians are leaning towards crypto, very very good for the economy.
    …… I can’t compete with that yellow bikini ….and that accent…..

  5. I agree with you; those who followed my advice made about a 3000 percent profit. It’s all about following directions at all times. I’ve been talking about SP 500 in my videos for a long time. The market has always been volatile, but I feel that if you know what you’re up against, the market will continue to favor you. We must wait for certain levels to be reached before establishing new positions as a result of the FED News. I recommended to my readers that they take a 50% profit now and repurchase when the market allows it. The support and resistance levels of 33k and 40k are crucial to watch for the upcoming move

  6. Yes we do 🖕 straight up slowly but surely. Once that hydra rips it’s straight up from there.

  7. Big money whales are just trying to get that price up before the US Gov announces it’s regulations soon. Be wary when prices head up this fast.

  8. can you share your thoughts on world mobile token with your personal not financial advise on the project….we love the truth bombs!

  9. If they cannot ban air how can they ban crypto? I continue to hear some dumb things in this space! Who is in charge in ‘merica? the Gobment? NO! The peeps, when yawl start to get that WE decide what WE do, it is not decided for ourselves, unless you are handicapped and need to be cared so choose this day to embrace your freedom! Whenever stupid laws were made and not obeyed they were voided by the same body looking to steal more power!

  10. ☀️☔️. I’ve said it before and will again. The government is fine with us buying liquor and lotto but we can’t invest? Same thing with my vapes. Red slushy tequila but not vape 💨? Omg

  11. I will forever be indebted to you you’ve changed my whole life continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, thanks so much Mrs. Katie Stein