Blank Wallet – BLANK Token

Blank Wallet: protect your identity on the Ethereum Blockchain

– 00:00 Intro
– 00:17 What is the blank wallet
– 03:36 Whitepaper: the problem
– 03:11 Whitepaper: how does it work
– 07:30 Whitepaper: business model
– 10:14 Whitepaper: $BLANK token
– 12:31 Tokenomics
– 13:10 Price prediction

Security and transparency are some of the issues of the internet that I hope Blockchain will solve. However, with public blockchains, this tends to come at the cost of privacy: everything on a public blockchains is … public.

Privacy coins like Monero and Zcash try to solve this issue. But wether you like it or not: Ethereum is king when it comes to users base and crypto adoption.

This is why I am happy to see a project like Blank Wallet that combines the easy of use that we get from a MetaMask browser wallet together with the security of a transaction mixer like and the privacy of a Tor Network.

Usefull links:
– Blank Wallet:
– Blank Wallet white paper:
– Tokenomics:
– Coingecko:

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Let’s get on that crypto train!


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  1. Hmm i was worried about this, now i know what to do haha, thanks Bren ( big fan )

  2. Undervalued channel, No shilling just nice informative content. Gonna bring you as many viewers as I can ;) Thanks mate

  3. A popular YouTuber endorsed this coin and it has had a big run up. Do you see it continuing to grow or is it over valued already? (Today is April 3, 2021).