BLOKTOPIA and METAHERO – TIME To BUY? Metaverse BLOK and HERO Price Prediction

Bloktopia BLOK token and MetaHero HERO have gained multiples of percentages in profit since the Metaverse boom. Price has been holding pretty well even with a 40% plus dip in price for bitcoin. In this video, let’s look at the technical analysis for Bloktopia BLOK token and MetaHero HERO for bullish setups that may not be around for too long.

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0:00 – Bloktopia BLOK token and MetaHero HERO
1:06 – Crytpo Market Sentiments
2:03 – Bitcoin Price Prediction
4:30 – Blocktopia Price Prediction
7:30 – MetaHero Price Prediction


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  1. worst audio ever !!! ( not yours but your guests that sound out of space, you should never ever record your guest voices from your laptop speakers from your mic )

  2. Just subbed from Midwest watched his video now looks like I’m in on the channel

  3. Hey guys great content i liked and subscribed immediately. Thanks midwest crypto for leading me here, got a new fan of the channel thanks. Bloktopian and hero for life.

  4. Hero held up absolutely beautifully. Man if thats not the sign of a buy i dont know what is.

  5. This looks awesome! The concept is refreshing. I’m following a metaverse game called Ertha, a life simulation game in metaverse.